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Friday, 7 March 2008

Treeknowlogy 08 released

Everybody who is fiercely waiting to buy one of the new Treeknowledge wakeskates now peel your eyes!

These are the exclusive preview pics of the new '08 team edition. Once again Treeknowledge stepped it up and improved their boards by fine tuning the shape and using more sophisticated materials.
This is what Bo Anhuth, founder of Treeknowledge, said about their '08 board design:

"designed by neil stubbings

slightly concave deck/layer treeknowlogy for kicktail and sidewalls

new features:

-more rocker: 3,8cm to 4,6cm (1,5" to 1,8")
-hardest wood /glue combination
-new outline for more control over trick-handling and sex-appeal
-soft sidewalls for heels and toes
-cannot break......cannot!
-no tits.....sorry."

For those who would like to test-ride one of the new boards, the Treeknowledge team will be at Cable-Island on march 22nd. If you can't make it there, hit up Bo at info@treeknowledge.de to see where you can test 'em next.

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towelieee said...

great job!your blog is just new for me but i will visit more!

best regards_pete