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Thursday, 4 December 2008

OGUSO Design Contest

OGUSO has published their new website. There you can place a preorder on Integrity and Oak wakeskates. If you need wakeskate shoes and clothes you can find Underground Production (UGP) stuff on the site as well. Consolidated OGUSO has all what you need for wakeskating.

OGUSO is searching for a own design for a wakeskate at the moment. Here the call for your design:

You´d always wanted your art on a wakeskate? Here´s your chance! Send us your artwork for the 2009 oguso team deck and win a nice price - the OGUSO team deck, UGP wakeskate shoes, skate bumps or clothing.

E Mail: contactus(at)oguso.de
Yellow Mail: OGUSO, Eichenhof 5, 15831 Mahlow

For more information about the design contest check the OGUSO homepage.

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