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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

German's Wakeskater of the Year 2008

Wakeboard1.de and The-Gap-Magazin are searching for the best german wakeskater 2009. Here are the candidates:
  • Andre Solle
  • Andreas Gnidowski
  • Andy Kolb
  • Dennis Dulco
  • Dennis Knasiak
  • Dominik Preisner
  • Franz Lachbauer
  • Frederik Küpper
  • Harald Alex
  • Henni Lampson
  • Jan Grabski
  • Jan Kissmann
  • Kai Kissmann
  • Lukas Süss
  • Moritz Thiele
  • Sandro Reinhard
  • Sebastian Schmatta
  • Sebastian Süss
  • Tarik-Timo Ghonien
  • Tim Schwiertz
You can vote on The-Gap-Magazin.de or wakeboard1.de. Here are the goodies if you win!Reef Beatbox Zipper grey (L), Reef New Wave T-shirt black (L), Reef Byerly 3 black / yellow (size 9), ION Strike Ltd. wetsuit, ION Strike Ltd. neopren vest, Liquid Force hoodies in two different styles.

All information and pics are taken from The Gap Magazin.

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