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Monday, 30 July 2007

2nd skate'n'slide jam - Zürich

On July, 21st the 2nd skate'n' slide winch jam took place in Zürich sponsored by DVS, NeverRide, Rote Fabrik (location), Flaming Monkey and Mavericks.

The Red Factory is a great old factory building made of red bricks, which houses a lot of dancing clubs (one party started saturday night at 11p.m. and the people still partied at sunday 3p.m. :o), a cafe/restaurant, and many more. There's also a mid sized openair area directly at the lake where the jam took place. Two obstacles a kinked uprail and a straight rail were build. Around all that the trend village with their exhibitors showed the latest trends from the scene and the fine Catering cared for the well-being of the spectators.

The jam was like a jam should be, very relaxed and chilly. The training started at 9a.m. but the most rides arrieved around 11a.m. At 1p.m. the qualification for wakeskaters started the jam. After the wakeskate action the wakeboarders ran their qualification. From this moment on the timetable of the jam was out of scope but nobody cared and the skaters started their Qualification. Unfortunately the weather changed after the 6th rider immediately from warm sunshine to heavy rain and the skate part had to be canceled. The area was flooded within minutes but the smiling faces grinning from below the sunshades spoke volumes.
This was the end for the skate competition, but happily not the end of the whole jam. After one hour rain, the finals started with the wakeboarders and finished with the wakeskaters. At this moment all riders, the organizers and the rest of the visitors were like one big wet family. A good party at one of the clubs topped the jam off.

Special thanks to Patrick and his team from wakeskating.ch for the organisation. One hint at the end: a stronger winch would be better next year for all heavy riders.

For more news from swiss check wakeskating.ch. More pics and results from the event are on the skate'n'slide Homepage.

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