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Sunday, 8 July 2007

European Wakeboard and -skate Magazines

These days, two new issues of wakeboard magazines are published in Europe. In the "Wakeboard Magazin" you can find articles about:

  • Spot check: my homespot Machdeboogie, Wakezone Thüringen
  • Selfmade Winch
  • Board crew: Rope Addicts, CTO Clan
  • Interview: Dominik Preisner wakeskater (Team Treeknowledge)
  • Results: CWC Open Phillipinien
  • and many many more
Check the official Wakeboard Magazine page for more information.

European Wakeboard Magazine featured following topic:
  • Road Trip: Down Under
  • Winch: two adventure stories
  • Interviews: Daniel Fetz and the Kerkhof brother
  • Style Tips from Nico von Lerchenfeld
  • HotSpot: Jetlake
For more information check this site.

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