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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Romboso Jam 2007 Pre-Event Trailer

Here's the latest shizzel from the Duisburg Romboso Crew. This pre-event trailer shows exactly why the event is soooo unbelievable. It is not a competition in the ordinary sense where the skater with best trixs wins. Wakeskater judges wakeskater. 14 JULI 2007 FREAK OUT AND HAVE FUN FUN FUN - DUISBURG WEDAU - ROMBOSO JAM

Everybody has to come and rock da place. Here the most important date: PARTY at set 8pm. Timetable for the day:
  • Practise: 10h
  • Pool: 12h
  • Cable: 14h
Band lineup: Jane, Still Screaming, and more
Place to be: Roadmap Strandbad Duisburg Wedau

For more infos check Myspace Romboso page.

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