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Monday, 23 July 2007

12 Gauge Wakeskate

In the column small wakeskate companies today: 12 Gauge wakeskates. The founder and president Nathan Litmer says about his company: 12 Gauge was founded with the vision of bringing skateboarding to the water. I had been skateboarding for years, and started wakeskating back when the sport was founded. Whether I was looking for performance or durability, something was always missing in other boards. Above all else, I wanted a more skate-like feel in the decks I was riding. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I had ideas in my head that I had to get out! This led me to the development of my own product line in the fall of 2003. And now I’m translating my passion into some of the best wakeskate products on the market today.

Two composite 3 Stage wakeskates with a pbt top and bottom are on the market, GRUDGE and TRANCE. It looks like as if there is only one difference between them, the graphic. Here the specs:
  • 2" 3 stage rocker
  • tri ax wrapped foam core
  • concave top
  • pbt top and bottom
  • 40.5" board length
  • 14.75" center width
  • 11.25" tail/tip width
  • weight: approx. 8 pounds
  • die cut jessup griptape
The wakeskates come with griptape, fins, and hardware. 12 Gauge has one kind of fins and a winch (deep water start specialist, 13hp - yeah nice) for sale as well. For more informations check the website Skate12Gauge.com.

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