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Monday, 6 August 2007

Wakestock 10 - Toronto Canada 2007

The Oakley Pool was without a doubt the sickest wake pool ever built! Three pools and multiple rail sets covering over 400 feet of real estate. The new addition of the giant 80 foot funbox between the 2nd and 3rd pools was where the wakeskaters were throwing down huge stunts, with a new generation of skaters leading the charge. In a breakout performance, Stuart Shinn (left picture) claimed the Oakley Pool Jam Best Trick with a massive 360 Shuv over the funbox. Out of the best trick contest: Ryan Doyle kickflipped the gap, Manzari tried to ollie the massive stair gap, Matt Hooker landed a 3 shuv, George Daniels got a 3 shuv over the pyramid during the oakley photo shoot (first try), Kyle Hyams amazing back bigspin.

Shinn also threw down one of the best semi-finals runs in the Billabong Wakeskate Finals, including a flawless Backside 3, Cab 3, and Backside 180 to qualify into the top eight. Joining Shinn were Wakestock rookies Nick Taylor and Ben Horan who will battle established stars Brian Grubb, Aaron Rathy, Drew McGuckin, and Chase Gregory. Taylor took down Wakestock 2005 vice-champion Reed Hansen enroute to the finals. Taylor nailed a Frontside 3, Cab 3, Backside 180 and a kickflip.

At the finals, Grubb was flawless. In fact he didn’t fall all weekend and stuck the first toeside wake to wake frontside bigspin ever stomped in competition. Grubb’s performance easily earned him his fourth Wakestock title and belt.

OAKLEY POOL JAM – Best Wakeskate Trick
Stuart Shinn, USA: Oak Wakeskates

1. Brian Grubb, USA: Malibu, Billabong, Red Bull, Reef
2. Nick Taylor, USA: Integrity, Nike, O’Neill
3. Aaron Rathy, CAN: Oakley, Hyperlite, Excel, Nautique
4. Ben Horan, USA: Oak Wakeskates, Nike

Information and picture from stokecity and Wakeskating.com.

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