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Thursday, 16 August 2007

International Invitational

The first wakeskate only weekend starts september 14th in Magdeburg/Germany at Cable Island. One highlight of this wakeskate weekend will be the international invitational contest, the CarTrade24 MASTERBATTLE, september 16th.

The winner of this competion gets
1000$ cash prize money!

The competition format of the Masterbattle is a mixture of a best trick contest qualification and a head to head final. During the best trick qualification each rider gets three trys on 6 obstacles (funbox, left kicker, slider, uprail, right kicker, two stage relentless slider) and the flat trick section to score a ticket to ride for the finals. Each obstacle holds only one ticket though. In the flats two people can qualify. Overall 8 riders will compete in the finals, which will be held as an head to head elimination throughout the hole cable park. The judging will follow the - riders judge riders - principle.

The timetable for this awesome competition is:
  • 01:00pm Start of Best Trick Qualification
  • 03:00pm Head to Head Finals
  • 04:00pm Award Ceremony
Send participation requests directly to bachlonso or wakeskatedude on wakeskating.com or write a comment in this blog. For all invited riders, the accomodation on the area of Cable Island is free, they get free food and drinks and no entry fee for the contest itself.
The day before the Masterbattle the german wakeskate nationals will be held (participation will be possible for international riders if there are less than 50 german registrations), as well as a best trick contest by night on the glowing funbox (open for all wakeskaters) and a huge party with live music by Sticky Strings, Cor and Still Screaming.

Feel free to ask for invitation if you think you can manage all obstacles at our cable-park (see Cable Island obstacle park).


Dude said...

nobody wants?

Amir Ghoniem said...

for sure...

Tarik Ghoniem wants to ride both events!
Check your email or PM(wakeforum) and give us an answer if you got it and if our request is alright!!!



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