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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

NeverRide Winches & Wakeskates 2008

One of the best (possible the best) winch companies is NeverRide. NeverRide starts with two winches and four wood wakeskates in the year 2008. The winches are:
  • Riders Edition
  • and a new X-Hive
For the first pictures of the winches check the NeverRide homepage, wakeskating.ch or here from time to time.
The wood wakeskates for 2008 are specially designed in Switzerland by NeverRide but they are produced by NewWakeskates in the US (really good quality in the past years). Here are some infos about the 3 classic wakeskates:
  • slider base
  • aggresive 3d concave
  • comes with riding fins RHIMMS 0,75er alloy fins
  • upgrade possible with shred fins SHRIMMS, mini alloy fins ------>
The Shrimms fins allow technical skate tricks like Nose-/Tailpress, Smith Crocked, 5-0 and so on. Nice add on for all obstacle freaks! For the detailed specs check wakeskating.ch. But that's not all, NeverRide has also a bi-level wakeskate next year. The bi-level is called DoubleDecker. But at the moment only the picture below exists, no pictures from top or side.

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