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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Ronix Bi-Level Wakeskate 2008

Here the ridiculous meaningless description of the ZARIEL bi-level wakeskate fresh out the 2008 Ronix catalog:
The heavy weight guardian of the water is coming in at over 13 lbs. Reed Hansen needed a stockier skate for the board control he was looking for on the water and leaving it. Ronix spent the last two seasons designing the first ever compression molded wood wakeskate – for the buoyancy of your favorite wood deck, and the durability of that wakeboard you have had in the garage since 97’. This bi-level shape creates a consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional skate.
  • Concave, starts in the center of the board and then tapers out the ends for a more controllable flip
  • Rocker, hybrid arc means more time on the water and less in it
  • Compression molding, the most durable wood skate out there
  • 2 Zariel .8” wakeskate specific fins
  • Reed Hansen designed and endorsed
Check this link for complete catalog from Ronix and for detailed specs (sizes 42" and 44").

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