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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bi Level Wakeskate from Byerly?

Check this commercial video from O'Neill. You can take a short look on a Byerly bi level prototype.
For more information check this threat on wakeskating.com. Video is from Wake Boarding Magazine. Thanks a lot.

Devotid 2008

The wakeskate company Devotid has published their new line of wakeskates and hardware for 2008. They have three new bi levels (see picture below), completely redesigned all with in house printed PBT bases. Two new styles of skate bumps with threaded inserts for you rail junkies. Two new fins which are available in different sizes for adjusting the perfect feel are a must have. Here's some general information:
  • construction: Maple/Bass wood /composite hybrid (really good quality in 2007)
  • PBT Base (obstacle ready yeah)
  • 3 stage rocker
  • deep skate-style concave top deck
  • Jessup grip tape
  • new urethane molded trucks
  • all new hardware
  • compatible with devotid skate bumps
If you want to see some pictures from the production process, look here or search here. Check the very nice Devotid homepage for more information and don't forget to read the interview with frye. All the information is from the Devotid homepage. Check this threat on ws.com for 2008 news. Video and picture from photobucket (account HoneyBun17_photo, check also devotid78).

Impact-the final answer

Chris Gruener from pikestaff studios (ticket/statemant) is officially announcing his new movie about cable riding. check out this preview trailer here! there are some really aMAZEing slowmo-shots of Andy Kolb flipping the skate! And yes, it will be mostly strappers in this movie but the quality of the shots will be just sick... but hey, in a bright new future they all will be skaters too!
The movie was shot in europe, the US, asia and australia. It comes as a double DVD (movie and a 60 min bonus DVD) with a 32 page booklet.

If you´re interessted in watching the whole movie here is an inofficial premiere date: come to Magdeburg / cable island on march 29...

see you at the lake

Urth Wakeskates

We have winter here in good old europe, but winter time is the time for new stuff. The new 2008 Urth homepage is online now. Urth wakeskate company is on the market since last year and has a cooperation with New wakeskates. Urth has designed a bi-level wakeskate called Kovacich Pro Bi Level. Here's some information:
  • 3 stage rocker
  • deep dish concave
  • extra long life
  • size: 41 inch
  • designed and tested by Tim Kovacich
All information and picture are taken from Urth homepage.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle is one of the pro wakeskaters that actually have a wakeskate pro model and even an own signature shoe. He is sponsored by UGP (clothes), Gatorboards (wakeskates), X-CEL (wetsuits), Reactor (watches). The picture on top shows his wakeskate for 2008. Here's a little input about the skate from Ryan himself:
The Doyle is the newest shape in the Gator wakeskate line. This board is compression molded and has been built up to give the rider nice concave and skateboard style tip and tails. It’s designed to ride high and feel like a bi-level but have the strength of a PBT compression single board. It’s 41” long 16” wide with a mellow deep channel to give you a little extra grip when jumping wake to wake. This board can be ridden by anyone in any aspect of the sport, wake, flat, or rails. With this boards strength and design it might be the last wakeskate you ever buy.

Last year his shoe sponsor UGP sent Ryan on trip around the world. On Alliancewake you can read a few articles by him (e.g. trip to Japan).
The picture at the bottom shows his signature shoes. Here's Patrick's (wakeskating.ch) comment about those shoes:
Wonderfully comfortable, integrated tongue for a snug, no pressure point fit. Drainage system built into the sole, water escapes faster than you can say Holla! Velcro under the heel of the insole keeps it in place, no longer will it bunch at your toes. Double-stitching throughout, ensures you will fall apart before they do.
All information and pictures are taken from Gatorboards Homepage, UGP Homepage, and wakeskating.ch (the swiss version of ws.com thanks to Patrick). In Europe you can preorder your UGP shoes from Patrick (wakeskating.ch), look here.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Sattelyte Wakeskate Collection 2008

If you take a look on the right side of this blog, at the company section, you can find a long list of wakeskate companies. More then two-thirds of the listed companies though (or even more) are having problems with their production, are closed, or are having only great ideas and no products for sale.
The Sattelyte Company from Canada has been alive for a couple of years now already, always supplying us with genuine shred sticks, respect! Here's the new collection of wakeskates for 2008. They have 5 different wood concave skates with PBT botton. Check their homepage for detailed information. The easiest way to buy a Sattelyte skate is to go to wakeskateworld.com. This is the Sattelyte online store.
All pictures and information are taken from the Sattelyte homepage.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

New Obstacles in Magdeboogie

The famous wakeskate park at Cable Island, Germany, has published images of new obstacles. The S-Box (double curved rail) is 21m (69 feet) long and the Step Down Box is 20m (63 fett) long. At this time the obstacles are within the building process and will be shred-ready by season opening 2008. With those two new obstacles the park in Cable Island has now 11 obstacles. But this is not enough: plans for a really huge third obstacle are existing. It's a vision and to this point unique on this planet. Stop by here regularely for more info about the obstacles and pictures. Check the Cable Island news page for more information. All information and pics are taken from the Cable Island Homepage.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Nicolas Duchateau

aren´t you sick of waiting for the summer to come.. watch this nice video in the meantime...

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Here the link to the latest info material. Sorry for the broken original post! For all French speaking people, check the wakebox homepage for more information.

Ronix Homepage 2008 online

The new 2008 Ronix homepage is online. There you can find a 360 degree view from the Zariel wakeskate. Check it out it's a nice Flash animated website.
The Ronix crew has also a blog like the wakeskatebomb blog, look here.

Gator Homepage 2008 Online

The Gatorboards Company has published the new set of wakeskates for 2008. They have 7 different kinds of wakeskates:
  • Deuce Pop 41" Matt Manzari (bi level)
  • Impalla 41" (composite concave)
  • Drew McGuckin 41" and 43" (wood concave)
  • Pro Model 42" (wood concave)
  • Reaper 42" (wood concave)
  • Urban 41" and 43" (wood concave)
  • 80D in 41"
Check the homepage for more information about the skates. Gatorboard has one of the biggest wakeskate team out there. Steve Campbell, Matt Manzari, Drew McGuckin, Drew Danielo are the mens division, but there are also two womens in the team: Savannah Barber, Megan McNeil.
Check the mega huge one wake ollie from Steve Campbell in the family section. This looks so unreal, amazing. Click on the skates for a better and bigger view.

All information and picture are from the Gator homepage.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

French Connection

It's freezing cold in good old europe. The heck with it, here are the first appointments of wakeskate events in France.

April 30.-May 04.Nokia FISE, Montpellier
May 8. -May 11.PROTEST Européan Boardstock &

Orangina Rail Jam Contest, Toulouse
May 16. -Mai 18.Wake N' Beach 3 Pool Gap Event, tba
August 23.

SOORUZ Wakeskatecup, Toulouse
Sept. 10.-Sept. 15.Orangina Rail Jam Contest, La Rochelle
tbaCasse Croute, Montrevel-en-Bresse

The video on top is from Jerome Lalloz. He won the french cable championship 2007.