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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Devotid Wakeskates 2008 Preview

Here the first picture from the 2008 bi level Onward made by Devotid. Devotid announces 5 new models for 2008. Here are some information about the Onward 2008 model
  • PBT Base
  • 3 stage rocker
  • fiber reinforced wood construction
The Onward comes in two sizes (38" and 40") and will be manufactured in a pneumatic cold press lamination. The skate is high gloss waterproof sealent and H2O waterproof adhesive. The quality and durability of the Union bi level was really good in 2007. Let's hope that the inserts in 2008 are stainless and the quality and durability is the same like 2007. Good job Kevin!

Devotid also makes OEM products in 2008. Kevin says: We also started a new division last year here that is working on some OEM manufacturing for other labels. We've been building boards for other people that want small runs of about 25 to whatever quantities with there own ideas, shapes and graphics. Low minimums and unlimited shape/ material options. We also offer to new start up companies complete branding (marketing.) clothing, stickers, dealer brochures, banners you name it, all in house in our printing shop. you can design it we make it. The idea was to give some new creative companies out there the chance to turn the ideas into a reality. and all from one place.

For more information check the Devotid Homepage from time to time. Pictures are from the Devotid photobucket account.

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