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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

New WakeSkates 08 released

New WakeSkates released pictures and informations on their 2008 skates on www.newwakeskates.com
The collection of all wooden skates are to be on sale, with quite inexpensive prices! All models are under 200 bucks.

New has a great reputation of making good crafted deks with a solid quality. The 08 decks are supposed to even top that:
"the prices are just a wake up call to the industry. the boards are even better than before! we will be comming out with more graphics soon. and pics. wakeskating isn't a cheap sport so we are trying to help you get on the water. im also stoked to say that andrew did his own graphics. " Mike Barret on wakeskating.com

New still has its custom boards with all kinds of styles and combinations possible. Check it out!

see you at the lake!

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