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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

NeverRide Winch

The first picture of the new small NeverRide winch has been released on wakeskating.ch. Patrick from ws.ch wrote the following about NeverRide and their new winches:
This year did not take place any in Europe without NeverRide. The Company from Switzerland, which builds Towing Devices as precisely and reliably as Swiss clocks, are always locally. After the ISPO in Munich, where in co-operation with Reef and New Schnitzel took place a exibition, during Interboot in Friedsrichshafen was NeverRide again on place, and shows in co-operation with the water cable park Pfullendorf, what is the future of winching. Wakeskating and Wakeboarding on the highest level, and the new “small” NeverRide Winch “Winchmaster DeLuxe” live in action ...

To see pictures click here or go directly to the neverride homepage or wakeskating.ch.

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Urbanised said...

Urban Rider Winchs Rule- Sorry guys but they are... 2nd to None.