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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Gator Homepage 2008 Online

The Gatorboards Company has published the new set of wakeskates for 2008. They have 7 different kinds of wakeskates:
  • Deuce Pop 41" Matt Manzari (bi level)
  • Impalla 41" (composite concave)
  • Drew McGuckin 41" and 43" (wood concave)
  • Pro Model 42" (wood concave)
  • Reaper 42" (wood concave)
  • Urban 41" and 43" (wood concave)
  • 80D in 41"
Check the homepage for more information about the skates. Gatorboard has one of the biggest wakeskate team out there. Steve Campbell, Matt Manzari, Drew McGuckin, Drew Danielo are the mens division, but there are also two womens in the team: Savannah Barber, Megan McNeil.
Check the mega huge one wake ollie from Steve Campbell in the family section. This looks so unreal, amazing. Click on the skates for a better and bigger view.

All information and picture are from the Gator homepage.

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Anonymous said...

What two Sattelyte team riders have their own pro model wakeskates for 2008?