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Sunday, 6 January 2008

French Connection

It's freezing cold in good old europe. The heck with it, here are the first appointments of wakeskate events in France.

April 30.-May 04.Nokia FISE, Montpellier
May 8. -May 11.PROTEST Européan Boardstock &

Orangina Rail Jam Contest, Toulouse
May 16. -Mai 18.Wake N' Beach 3 Pool Gap Event, tba
August 23.

SOORUZ Wakeskatecup, Toulouse
Sept. 10.-Sept. 15.Orangina Rail Jam Contest, La Rochelle
tbaCasse Croute, Montrevel-en-Bresse

The video on top is from Jerome Lalloz. He won the french cable championship 2007.


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