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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ryan Doyle

Ryan Doyle is one of the pro wakeskaters that actually have a wakeskate pro model and even an own signature shoe. He is sponsored by UGP (clothes), Gatorboards (wakeskates), X-CEL (wetsuits), Reactor (watches). The picture on top shows his wakeskate for 2008. Here's a little input about the skate from Ryan himself:
The Doyle is the newest shape in the Gator wakeskate line. This board is compression molded and has been built up to give the rider nice concave and skateboard style tip and tails. It’s designed to ride high and feel like a bi-level but have the strength of a PBT compression single board. It’s 41” long 16” wide with a mellow deep channel to give you a little extra grip when jumping wake to wake. This board can be ridden by anyone in any aspect of the sport, wake, flat, or rails. With this boards strength and design it might be the last wakeskate you ever buy.

Last year his shoe sponsor UGP sent Ryan on trip around the world. On Alliancewake you can read a few articles by him (e.g. trip to Japan).
The picture at the bottom shows his signature shoes. Here's Patrick's (wakeskating.ch) comment about those shoes:
Wonderfully comfortable, integrated tongue for a snug, no pressure point fit. Drainage system built into the sole, water escapes faster than you can say Holla! Velcro under the heel of the insole keeps it in place, no longer will it bunch at your toes. Double-stitching throughout, ensures you will fall apart before they do.
All information and pictures are taken from Gatorboards Homepage, UGP Homepage, and wakeskating.ch (the swiss version of ws.com thanks to Patrick). In Europe you can preorder your UGP shoes from Patrick (wakeskating.ch), look here.

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