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Friday, 18 January 2008

Sattelyte Wakeskate Collection 2008

If you take a look on the right side of this blog, at the company section, you can find a long list of wakeskate companies. More then two-thirds of the listed companies though (or even more) are having problems with their production, are closed, or are having only great ideas and no products for sale.
The Sattelyte Company from Canada has been alive for a couple of years now already, always supplying us with genuine shred sticks, respect! Here's the new collection of wakeskates for 2008. They have 5 different wood concave skates with PBT botton. Check their homepage for detailed information. The easiest way to buy a Sattelyte skate is to go to wakeskateworld.com. This is the Sattelyte online store.
All pictures and information are taken from the Sattelyte homepage.

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