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Monday, 30 July 2007

2nd skate'n'slide jam - Zürich

On July, 21st the 2nd skate'n' slide winch jam took place in Zürich sponsored by DVS, NeverRide, Rote Fabrik (location), Flaming Monkey and Mavericks.

The Red Factory is a great old factory building made of red bricks, which houses a lot of dancing clubs (one party started saturday night at 11p.m. and the people still partied at sunday 3p.m. :o), a cafe/restaurant, and many more. There's also a mid sized openair area directly at the lake where the jam took place. Two obstacles a kinked uprail and a straight rail were build. Around all that the trend village with their exhibitors showed the latest trends from the scene and the fine Catering cared for the well-being of the spectators.

The jam was like a jam should be, very relaxed and chilly. The training started at 9a.m. but the most rides arrieved around 11a.m. At 1p.m. the qualification for wakeskaters started the jam. After the wakeskate action the wakeboarders ran their qualification. From this moment on the timetable of the jam was out of scope but nobody cared and the skaters started their Qualification. Unfortunately the weather changed after the 6th rider immediately from warm sunshine to heavy rain and the skate part had to be canceled. The area was flooded within minutes but the smiling faces grinning from below the sunshades spoke volumes.
This was the end for the skate competition, but happily not the end of the whole jam. After one hour rain, the finals started with the wakeboarders and finished with the wakeskaters. At this moment all riders, the organizers and the rest of the visitors were like one big wet family. A good party at one of the clubs topped the jam off.

Special thanks to Patrick and his team from wakeskating.ch for the organisation. One hint at the end: a stronger winch would be better next year for all heavy riders.

For more news from swiss check wakeskating.ch. More pics and results from the event are on the skate'n'slide Homepage.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

RMBS Jam 2007 First Video

Here the first video from the unbelievable Romboso Jam 2007.

Uploaded by alexrider57

Monday, 23 July 2007

12 Gauge Wakeskate

In the column small wakeskate companies today: 12 Gauge wakeskates. The founder and president Nathan Litmer says about his company: 12 Gauge was founded with the vision of bringing skateboarding to the water. I had been skateboarding for years, and started wakeskating back when the sport was founded. Whether I was looking for performance or durability, something was always missing in other boards. Above all else, I wanted a more skate-like feel in the decks I was riding. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I had ideas in my head that I had to get out! This led me to the development of my own product line in the fall of 2003. And now I’m translating my passion into some of the best wakeskate products on the market today.

Two composite 3 Stage wakeskates with a pbt top and bottom are on the market, GRUDGE and TRANCE. It looks like as if there is only one difference between them, the graphic. Here the specs:
  • 2" 3 stage rocker
  • tri ax wrapped foam core
  • concave top
  • pbt top and bottom
  • 40.5" board length
  • 14.75" center width
  • 11.25" tail/tip width
  • weight: approx. 8 pounds
  • die cut jessup griptape
The wakeskates come with griptape, fins, and hardware. 12 Gauge has one kind of fins and a winch (deep water start specialist, 13hp - yeah nice) for sale as well. For more informations check the website Skate12Gauge.com.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Byerly Toe Jam Stop 3 Hippodrome

The pool looks soooo cool in the pictures, awesome! Here's a quick list of articles related to the 3rd stop of the Byerly Toe Jam Series (picture from Alliance Wake mag).

Wakeskating.com Wakeworld.com
Alliance Magazine

More picture:
Last link in respect to the originator: Byerly Toe Jam

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wakeskate Shoe News

There are some news about wakeskate shoes on the market from DVS and Reef.

DVS has announced the Mesh Triumph. The Mesh Triumph is a truly great wakeskate shoe and skate shoe all rolled into one! Their breathable mesh upper in a classic performance skate style, with a round toe, protective toe and heel overlays, ventilating open cell mesh toe and side panels, side striping, and DVS logo details. Full lace up front with extra padded skate style collar and mesh tongue with keeper straps. Mesh lining, cushioning insole. Shock absorbing midsole. Deck gripping skate style sole. The shoe is tested and approved from the N.A.R.L.A. crew at DVS.

And last but not least a first picture from the new '08 Byerly wakeskate shoe (Unleashed France).

If you want more information about wakeskate shoes check the Alliance wakeskate magazine numero 2.2.

Recent Wakeskate Films

N.A.R.L.A. finally available

After three years in the making the World Premiere for Narla has finally been set. It will take place at South Beach Miami on the 21st of July at Circa 28. The entire Narla association will be on spot waiting for you to stop by and join them for the festivities. The DVD is available at DVSwake.com.

So go ahead and check their website for more info…


This film covers both wakeboarding and wakeskating. It aims at showing the progression of those wake sports and at laying down what it’s like to be involved with such an underground movement. Oakley sporting riders are: Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Andrew Adkison, Amber Wing, George Daniels, Danny Hampson, Dallas Friday and Jack Blodgett
The filming goes down in the world’s most exotic locations such as Australia, South Africa, the Florida Keys, Cuba, Minnesota, the Amazon, Canada and beyond. Exquisite quality of the pictures is granted by filming solely in HD.
The date for this world premier is already set with November 10th at Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA. For more info and to view teasers, go and visit http://www.pushprocessmovie.com/ and oakley.com/wake.


After “Step Up”, Red Bull New Zealand has filmed yet another stunning wakeskate film called “Human Trailers”. 10 Riders plus one inflatable wale skate locations that have formerly been blank spots on the map of water dancing. You will be quickly infected with the fun vibe that comes with that film just by watching the trailer.
For more info on this flick, visit the corresponding Red Bull webpage

Tantrum Board to Board Transfer

Cool sequence - Dennis Knasiak aka The Machine stomps a Tantrum board to board transfer over the kicker in Duisburg Wedau during Romboso Jam 2007. Many thanks to the Gap Magazine for this nice work. For more pictures check wakefiles.com.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Romboso Jam Results

A weekend of breath taking skating and devastating partying just came to an end. The legendary Romboso Jam has definitely lived up to its expectations. The participants showed high level water dancing as well as premier party skills. There were five plus two categories in which the riders were “competing” during the jam. The results from the first five categories were used to evaluate an over all winner (mens/ladies). The other two categories (pool, best slam) were run separately.

Dock start:
1. Dennis Knasiak
2. Dominic Frentrup
3. Tarik Ghoniem
(Neuhaus Oste)

A-frame / Box
1. Big “O” Tobi
2. Andreas Kolb
3. Jan Kissmann

1. Andreas Kolb
2. Alexis Boil
(Toulouse – FR)
3. Dennis Knasiak

Slider (blue&yellow)
1. Tarik Ghoniem
(Neuhaus Oste)
2. Nico Kasper
3. Alexis Boil
(Toulouse – FR)

1. Dennis Knasiak
2. Nico Kasper
3. Tarik Ghoniem
(Neuhaus Oste)

Overall Women:
1. Juli Santiego
(Toulouse – FR)
2. Tine Hoffmann
3. Jehan Ghoniem
(Neuhaus Oste)
4. Laura Boil
(Toulouse – FR)

Overall men:
1. Dennis Knasiak-Maschine
2. Tarik Ghoniem
(Neuhaus Oste)
3. Andreas Kolb

King of Pool:
1. Mumpitz (Treeknowledge-Berlin)

King of Slam:
Nick Skorwinder (Wakekillaz-Magdeburg)

For more pictures of this event go to the Wakekillaz homepage.
See you all next year!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Romboso Jam 2007 Pre-Event Trailer

Here's the latest shizzel from the Duisburg Romboso Crew. This pre-event trailer shows exactly why the event is soooo unbelievable. It is not a competition in the ordinary sense where the skater with best trixs wins. Wakeskater judges wakeskater. 14 JULI 2007 FREAK OUT AND HAVE FUN FUN FUN - DUISBURG WEDAU - ROMBOSO JAM

Everybody has to come and rock da place. Here the most important date: PARTY at set 8pm. Timetable for the day:
  • Practise: 10h
  • Pool: 12h
  • Cable: 14h
Band lineup: Jane, Still Screaming, and more
Place to be: Roadmap Strandbad Duisburg Wedau

For more infos check Myspace Romboso page.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Hungarian Wakeskate Company

Here is a Hungarian Wakeskate Company, GUILLOTINE. I can't understand anything written on this site and I can't find the button or link for changing the language. But this are fine looking composite concave wakeskates. The pro model Barbie specs:
  • Lenght: 106cm
  • Tip Width: 28,6cm
  • Weight: 3,6kg
  • Rocker: 3-stage
But this ain't all, it seems to be that a fat wakeskate community exists in hungaria. There a some links to other sites, like this winch site: http://www.winch.hu/. Good luck searching for an Hungarian - English translator for www.guillotinewake.com.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Volume Wakeskate Video Issue 5

The latest video from Volume Wakeskate Videos is available now. Issue 5 featured following video stuff:

  • Pro Spotlight: Matt Manzari
  • Stop One of the Byerly Toe Jam 2007
  • One on One with Brandon Thomas
  • Day in the Life of Aaron Reed
  • Inside look: Standerd Book 1.1
Check this official site for more information or this threat on wakeskating.com.

European Wakeboard and -skate Magazines

These days, two new issues of wakeboard magazines are published in Europe. In the "Wakeboard Magazin" you can find articles about:

  • Spot check: my homespot Machdeboogie, Wakezone Thüringen
  • Selfmade Winch
  • Board crew: Rope Addicts, CTO Clan
  • Interview: Dominik Preisner wakeskater (Team Treeknowledge)
  • Results: CWC Open Phillipinien
  • and many many more
Check the official Wakeboard Magazine page for more information.

European Wakeboard Magazine featured following topic:
  • Road Trip: Down Under
  • Winch: two adventure stories
  • Interviews: Daniel Fetz and the Kerkhof brother
  • Style Tips from Nico von Lerchenfeld
  • HotSpot: Jetlake
For more information check this site.

Alliance Wakeskate Issue 3.3

The new Alliance Wakeskate Issue 3.3 July 2007, is out now. Click here for the latest shizzel from the wakeskate community. Topics are:

  • Spot or Not: We head to Japan to see what American wakeskating will be like in five years.
  • The Road to Toe Jam: Cause getting there is half the fun - We follow Clint Tompkins, Bret Little and Matt Hooker through the South.
  • Nick Taylor Interview: Nick invented the interview.
  • On Deck: Stuart Shin and Steven Campbell are making it happen.
  • And many many more :)

Alliance Wakeskating Issue 3.3

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Ronix and Devotid bi-level update

As secret sources tell the Hansel was spotted lately sporting (at least) the bottom deck of Ronix’ new bi-level.
Seems like the graphics are set. It’s said that only the colors need a little changing…
The board itself is gonna be a wood-wood bi resembling a lot like cassette bi-levels (hopefully they will be more durable!) How the connecting parts of the two levels - the trucks - will look like is still not clear.

News about that project can be found best at wakeskating.com under this topic.

From the official side there is still no info on a release date of the skate or even the note that Ronix is developing one (neither on their homepage nor on their blog).

In terms of Devotid things are more solid. Their wooden '07 bi-levels are now out for sale (Dude is desperately waiting for his to arrive in the mail) and pictures are already spread in the internet (see the pictures below taken from wakeskating.com). Their shape too looks a lot like those cassette models except from the slight 5-stage rocker they are using. One other innovation Devotid introduced with their bi-level skate - tuneable flex. By changing the position of the trucks the rider can customize the flex of the board according to their needs.
Sounds like a pretty neat feature to me.
To follow everything that’s going on around Devotid it’s again best to look up wakeskating.com once in a while, visit their homepage or stop by here from time to time.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Official release LF SST mid August

Today, official release date for the SST and a short video clip from Nick Taylor (Integrity). Check video list.
Here is the official introduction from Liquid Force for the SST:

With the sport of wakeskating continue to grow at a crazy pace it is finally time to show what LF skating is all about and introduce the long awaited SST 42. Ride Silas Thurman's unique high performance snappy tail design once and you’ll feel a true snap in your ollie that you’ve never felt before. The design has been in the works for over 2 years and is finally ready to hit the dealer's floors all across the world.

  • Aaron Reed asymmetrical wood bottom deck Shape
  • Compression Molded SST Concave Top Deck
  • SST Split level tails
  • Variable Edge
  • Marine Grade Grip Tape
The SST will be available at the best wake shops in mid August. For more information check:
SST threats on wakeskating.com: