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Sunday, 30 November 2008

For the Gator Production

For the Gator Production is a video production company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bringing you high quality HD Wakeskate films. Videos on Vimeo:
Check out the homepage!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

La Sewer Update
Wordpress Blog Style Website

La Sewer has changed the layout of their website and updated the content. The website is now a wordpress blog. New on the blog are following articles:
  • Rolling Stone Road Trip by Kyle Walton
  • Aron Gore Photos
  • Truth Bombs by Aron Gore
All information and pic from LaSewer blog. Check it out now.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

French Wakeskating 2008
Yan Lecomte, Jerome Lalloz and Kevin Calvez

The season is over in good old europe. The winter is coming. At the moment we have something around 40 °F and it snows. This is good moment for publishing the latest videos from France.
At first the french Canadian Yan Lecomte from Quebec a stunt men which goes big w2w in wakeskating (nice style) and does some other crazy stuff (frontflip skateboard transfer).
The second one is Jerome Lalloz. He produce each season a small clip to show his vision of wakeskating. Check this post for his 2007 video.

At last but not least Kevin Calvez with a sketchy w2w ts fs bigspin.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Behind the Scenes of Wakeskating
Brandon Parker

Brandon Parker is filmer and art director of Volume Wakeskate Videos. He has launched a personal blogstyle website with high quality videos
and pics around wake sport. Check it out - SoNineTeenNinetyOne.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Wakeskating in Winter
NPX Drysuit Lucifer

NPX has released a revolutionary Dry-Suit concept called "Lucifer". It is designed to look as cool as an two-piece snowboard outfit but yet is an one piece. Unlike other drysuits, the Lucifer has an extra zipper between the legs because when you gotta go, you gotta go. For all of you that are looking for a stylish way to ride throughout the winter, this is your choice. Check out the vid for additional info or go directly to NPX.

Glisse Mag TV
French Video on Demand Funsport Channel

It is autumn and you hang around with nothing to do then check Glisse Mag TV. Glisse Mag TV was established by Herve Pellarrin in the summer of 2007. It is based on the Mogulus Online on Demand Video System. It is something like a French funsport channel with clips and full length videos in french and english.

For more information about the history and the goals of Glisse TV check the blog.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Unleashed Magazine Online

The French Unleashed wakeboard and friends magazine has published the issues #25 and #26 as PDF. After 25 French editions, the Unleashed Magazine decided to become International. The issue #26 comes in French and English. Here is the statement from Unleashed about this topic.

The reason is because people from different countries wanted to have Unleashed in their country contenting the European and Asian style of wakeboarding and wakeskating. With magazines already covering the American market, there is a absence in representing the European and Asian scene...

For purists the magazine is still available in paper in France and some other European countries. Here are the links to the first online issues:
All information and pics are taken from the Unleashed homepage.

Monday, 10 November 2008

European Winches Part II
Dutch FullPull and French Exo Box

Here is the second part about winches made in Europe. These both winches at the pics are more like an example. Both companies have the possibilities to build custom winches along a proven concept. The Dutch Full Pull company offers a high end stainless steel tube frame. Based on this frame you can order a custom winch. The standard setup comes with:

Frame: wake tower style stainless steel frame
Motor: 6.5 hp Honda GX 200 engine
Accessories: Comet TAV2 variable speed drive system, heavy duty disc brake, perfect throttle control, adjustable spool, 500' of dyneema line with nylon cover

The first French mobile winch for water sports was created, developed and approved by the riders around the Exo Box project. Here are the facts for the Exo Box:

Frame: aluminum frame
Motor: 13 hp knock off engine or optional with electric starter
Accessories: offroad wheels, night light, 600' rope optional 1000', hydraulic disc brake , four anchor points, centrifugal clutch, Exo rope guide system

For more information about the winches check the Exo Box hompage or the Full Pull homepage.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

CWC Winch Park
Camsur Water Complex meets Sesitec 2.0

The Camsur Water Complex has published the first video of the new Winch Park. They shows only wakeboarding but it looks manageable with a skate too, but not small! They have 3 lines at the moment in the winch park. The winch system in this park is not like a portable classical winch. It is more like a small cable system. Check this post for more information about the portable sesitec 2.0 cable system.For more pics check this link at the cwc homepage. All information and pics are taken from wakeboardmag.net or CWC homepage. Don't forget to bring your skateboard!