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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

French Wakeskating 2008
Yan Lecomte, Jerome Lalloz and Kevin Calvez

The season is over in good old europe. The winter is coming. At the moment we have something around 40 °F and it snows. This is good moment for publishing the latest videos from France.
At first the french Canadian Yan Lecomte from Quebec a stunt men which goes big w2w in wakeskating (nice style) and does some other crazy stuff (frontflip skateboard transfer).
The second one is Jerome Lalloz. He produce each season a small clip to show his vision of wakeskating. Check this post for his 2007 video.

At last but not least Kevin Calvez with a sketchy w2w ts fs bigspin.

1 comment:

alew said...

true, not too sketchy but in a word....BUTTCHECK!! (unless thats supposed to be two words.._)