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Monday, 10 November 2008

European Winches Part II
Dutch FullPull and French Exo Box

Here is the second part about winches made in Europe. These both winches at the pics are more like an example. Both companies have the possibilities to build custom winches along a proven concept. The Dutch Full Pull company offers a high end stainless steel tube frame. Based on this frame you can order a custom winch. The standard setup comes with:

Frame: wake tower style stainless steel frame
Motor: 6.5 hp Honda GX 200 engine
Accessories: Comet TAV2 variable speed drive system, heavy duty disc brake, perfect throttle control, adjustable spool, 500' of dyneema line with nylon cover

The first French mobile winch for water sports was created, developed and approved by the riders around the Exo Box project. Here are the facts for the Exo Box:

Frame: aluminum frame
Motor: 13 hp knock off engine or optional with electric starter
Accessories: offroad wheels, night light, 600' rope optional 1000', hydraulic disc brake , four anchor points, centrifugal clutch, Exo rope guide system

For more information about the winches check the Exo Box hompage or the Full Pull homepage.

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Anonymous said...

Full Pull for the mfw ;)


last year in a ditch near my crib. Hope you guys keep us entertained again this winter with your blog keep up the good work.

Big shout out from diederick :)