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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Gatorboards Wakeskate Video and Sale
New team video and new distributor in Germany

Here is the new team video from Gatorboards wakeskate team. Open your eyes at 1:20 and you see a nice 360 flip w2w. Don't forget to go direct on YouTube to see the high quality version. The water is so glossy. Since now, Gatorboards has also a new distributor in Germany - Centurion Boats. The new German website goes online in the next weeks. At the moment check Centurion website for contact data. Alliance wakeskate published a interview and a video with the Gatorboard teamrider Steve Campell. Check it out at Alliance wakeskate.

Picture is taken from Alliance wakeskate.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Oak Wakeskates 2009 Preview
Update! 2009 Oak wakeskates now for sale

Here are the first pics from the new Oak wakeskate line for 2009 and a comment from Oak about the new skates.

Hard rock maple and basswood crossply layup. Rock solid maple bottom with new oak patented exclusive wood integrated graphic process for a true all wood wakeskate. 16-ply concave. Three-stage rocker. Patented oak rebar fins. Jessup griptape. Tested and proven molecular bonding and sealing process which is all done in house, personally by us at oak, no out sourcing! All boards sealed and hand rolled with a two part epoxy resin system which adheres the wood fibers together, increases strength, pop, overall durability, keeps wood from warping and waterproofs the boards. The boards are then topped off with multiple coats of a top of the line marine urethane three part poly top seal. Built to take a hit.

All information are taken from Oak homepage. Don't forget to try skate bumps - Oak Udders.

Update: 2009 Oak wakeskates now for sale. Check Achorsawaywake at Ebay.com! They make shipping woldwide and payment via paypal, yeah that is realy nice!

No New Schnitzel in 2009
It's time to say goodbye

Wake up the world's gonna be ... this was the slogan from New Schnitzel in 2000. Now in 2008 Hardy Tunnissen speaks about the end of the company. New Schnitzel was always a company by riders for riders in both directions wakeboard and wakeskate. Thanks for the nice time and the wakesport support and I hope we see you back with a new project in 2009.

For more information check the gap magazine (in German). Picture is taken from New Schnitzel homepage.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Skatepark on Water
Red Bull shows the possibilities of Sesitec 2.0 Cable

Red Bull built the Wake Lab on Lake Eola in Orlando Downtown. Inspired by the great skate- and snowparks Pat Pankos (The Projects) built the biggest obstacle park as one floating object within 3 weeks. The obstacle park includes an integrated pool, a flatboard-downrail, a handrail, a ledge-to-ledge gap, an a-gap, and a huge wallride. Picture and information are taken from the-gap-magazin. More pics and info:
Looks amazing. There you can see the possibilities of a Sesitec 2.0 Cable. Build your own wakeskatepark in your backyard. The cost of a Sesitec 2.0 Cable plus park are equal to a new high class wakeboard boat.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Surf Expo News
All About Wakeskating Stuff 2009

Here a list of links about the latest news out of the wakeskate business. I can only say good work alliance wakeskate and wakeskating.com!


Alliance Wakeskates
Rock'n'roll or hang loose.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Wake the Line
Red Bull Winch Contest, Cologne

Here the first pics, video and the result from the Wake the Line winch contest sponsored by Red Bull and Nike 6.0. The Winch was the Sesitec 2.0 Cable system. Check the picture from Andreas Lakeberg at sport2.de (pics 1, pics 2) or the pics from Gap Magazine for more impressions.

Result wakeskate:
1. Andy Kolb
2. Tarik Ghoniem
3. Moritz Thiele

All information and pics are taken from sport2.de. and Wake The Line homepage.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sesitec 2.0 Portable Cable System
Wake The Line Red Bull event with Cable 2.0

From hearsay the Red Bull Wake the Line event will be pulled by the new Sesitec 2.0 Cable. One more reason for some short info about this new portable cable system.

The Sesitec System 2.0 is essentially a straight-line cable system that can compliment full size cable park setups for events or as stand-alone rail parks. But the System 2.0 can also be used for private backyard setups because it is the first cable system that is actually portable. And unlike other two tower systems, System 2.0 was designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride—meaning that you won’t have to drop the handle or stop after one pull down the rail course. The required water area is length: 80 - 700ft and width: 50 - 80ft

All information is taken from the Wake Park Project (North American distributor of Sesitec). For more information contact the guys at Wake Park Project or directly contact Sesitec.

2009 Gatorboards Wakeskates

The new skates form Gatorboards are online now. Check this link for more information about the features of the skates.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Results Wake'n'Roll #5
Teleski Nautique Du Barcares 2008-09-06

Here the wakeskate results form the Wake n'Roll at the Teleski Nautique in Barcares:

1. Labadens Leo TNS 73 / 100
2. Sudrat Kevin TELESKI ROUFFIAC 67 / 100
3. Barat Adrien ANNECY 62 / 100
4. Sudrat Vincent TELESKI ROUFFIAC 53 / 100
5. Bacquier Benjamin TNS 42 / 100
6. Sanchez Gumiel TONI FEDERACION CANARIA 37 / 100
7. Lalloz Jerome MONCONTOUR 32 / 100
8. Cauchi Nicolas BARCATEAM 21 / 100

All information and picture from wakeboardmag.net. And the end a short video from 2007 which shows good the french skills at a cable.

Monday, 8 September 2008

New Wakeskates - Online
Website Opening 2008-09-15

The new New Wakeskate site goes online at 2008-09-15. Here the statement about the construction and new things:

Construction: Wood venneers bend into concave, not routered out. No waist construction means less wood , less expensive , and naturally stronger. Penetrating epoxy sealed before graphic is applied. layer of cloth on deck keeps it strong . short stubby aluminum fins

News: The web site actually keeps record of all the clients. We have improved the bi level John Ruarks board comes with nugs and has a carbon shell around it. Andrew Pastura made his board 1/8" wider we have a thick flat deck

Make your own skate under the custom option. You can choose the outline, the length, the width and the concave. All information and picture from New wakeskates website. Check it out!

Ryan Doyle in Japan

Here is a short video from Ryan Doyle trip to Japan. Click here for the article on the UGP blog. If you check the pictures related to this article you can find some pics of new Moment wakeskates made in Japan (the moment homepage is still on 06/07 but it looks like Moment is still alive). UGP is famous for making a really good wakeskate releated shoes - The Doyle and The Gauntet.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Mutiny is coming back

Good news for 2009 Mr. Schmaltz (mastermind behind Integrity wakeskates) has announced the comeback of Mutiny next year. Here's his statement on ws.com:

Mutiny's wakeskates will be priced lower and will be made similar to how I first made them... out of hard rock maple and birch (core/laminate)... So the wood purists can relate to it. I'm not sure on the specifics yet as to how or when... but if you own an old Mutiny wakeskate you can attest to it being solid due to the adhesive process we used then... which doesn't require any sealant...

Ryan Lemons is moved from the Integrity Team and on to the Mutiny Team come mid summer 2009. His Integrity Pro model will stop selling when the transition is complete.

If you want get one of the first prototypes build in an Integrity mold hurry up and check this Ebay auction (end date Sep-09-08 21:34:23 PDT). Pictures are taken form ws.com. If you want to see more of Mutiny and Integrity check this web cam during Surf Expo (August 12-14).

Germany Wakeskate Nationals 2008
Xanten, 2008-09-06

Here are the first news from the German wakeskate nationals 2008 in Xanten presented by Quiksilver & Suzuki. The results:

Finlae Wakeskate Open Men:

1. Andy Kolb (Liquid Force) 73,30
2. Jan Grabski (Ronix) 71.70
3. Sebastinan Süß (Liquid Force) 65,00
4. Kai Kissmann 60,00
5. Tarik-Timo Ghonien (Treeknowledge) 53,30
6. Andreas Guidoswski (New Schnitzel) 41,70
7. Heni Lampson 30,00
8. Dennis Knasiak (New Schnitzel) 26,70

Finale Wakeskate Junior Men:

1. Frederik Küpper 68,30
2. Lukas Süß (Liquid Force) 63,30
3. Tim schwiertz (New Schnitzel) 60,00
4. Dennis Dulco 43,30
5. Jan Kissmann (Liquid Force) 30,00
6. Franz Lachbauer (Treeknowledge) 28,30

Finale Wakeskate Ladies:

1. Christina Hoffmann (Treeknowledge) 60,00
2. Michelle Bausch 53,30
3. Helena Thiemeier 46,70
4. Jehan Josephine Ghonien 26,70
5. Johanna Süß 16,70

Finale Wakeskate Boys:

1. Moritz Thiele 73,30
2. Nico Kasper 60,00
3. Dennis Hildebrand 43,30

Finale Wakeskate Masters:

1. André Solle 70,00
2. Harald Alex 55,00
3. Nobert Mühlhauser 46,70
4. René Buchholz 20,00
More news and a short report in the next days here at Wakeskate Bomb. For more pictures from Andreas Lakeberg check Sport2.de. Picture and information from Sport2.de.