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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

NeverRide Winches & Wakeskates 2008

One of the best (possible the best) winch companies is NeverRide. NeverRide starts with two winches and four wood wakeskates in the year 2008. The winches are:
  • Riders Edition
  • and a new X-Hive
For the first pictures of the winches check the NeverRide homepage, wakeskating.ch or here from time to time.
The wood wakeskates for 2008 are specially designed in Switzerland by NeverRide but they are produced by NewWakeskates in the US (really good quality in the past years). Here are some infos about the 3 classic wakeskates:
  • slider base
  • aggresive 3d concave
  • comes with riding fins RHIMMS 0,75er alloy fins
  • upgrade possible with shred fins SHRIMMS, mini alloy fins ------>
The Shrimms fins allow technical skate tricks like Nose-/Tailpress, Smith Crocked, 5-0 and so on. Nice add on for all obstacle freaks! For the detailed specs check wakeskating.ch. But that's not all, NeverRide has also a bi-level wakeskate next year. The bi-level is called DoubleDecker. But at the moment only the picture below exists, no pictures from top or side.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Volume Wakeskate Video Issue 5 - UPDATE

Update News - Volume Wakesk8 Videos Issue 5...

volume has updated the issue 5 with footage from the red bull
human trailers trip and some more trick tips.
check out the sneek peek video on their website..
incl. some pretty insane riding by Danny Hampson, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor, Scott Byerly, Silas Thruman, George Daniels, Ben Horan, Tim Kovachich, Reed Hansen and many more...
..massive dobble kickflip by Matt Manzari...

the volume - website also includes some realy cool foto and video footage.. but guys! your colorsheme sucks.. aaahhh "augenkrebs"!!

see you at the lake

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Ronix Bi-Level Wakeskate 2008

Here the ridiculous meaningless description of the ZARIEL bi-level wakeskate fresh out the 2008 Ronix catalog:
The heavy weight guardian of the water is coming in at over 13 lbs. Reed Hansen needed a stockier skate for the board control he was looking for on the water and leaving it. Ronix spent the last two seasons designing the first ever compression molded wood wakeskate – for the buoyancy of your favorite wood deck, and the durability of that wakeboard you have had in the garage since 97’. This bi-level shape creates a consistent, quicker swing weight than a traditional skate.
  • Concave, starts in the center of the board and then tapers out the ends for a more controllable flip
  • Rocker, hybrid arc means more time on the water and less in it
  • Compression molding, the most durable wood skate out there
  • 2 Zariel .8” wakeskate specific fins
  • Reed Hansen designed and endorsed
Check this link for complete catalog from Ronix and for detailed specs (sizes 42" and 44").

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Freakwave 07 Wakeskate Jam
Win $ 500 Cash money + Sony PSP

On September 1st and 2nd a Wakeskate Jam will be held during the Freakwave Festival in Lochau, Austria. You will be towed by a boat on the lake of Constance, where an A-frame-box and a kicker are waiting to be hit by the glorious contestants.
The format of the Wakeskate Jam is really simple: Jam mode the hole time, rider judging rider!

The winners earns a Sony PSP and $500 cash!
Stay tuned and don't miss it...
Sign in here

Picture from www.freakwave.at, check there or on wakeskating.ch for more information.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Hyperlite Catalyst 2008 Wakeskate

Here's the first picture from the new shape of the Hyperlite Catalyst 2008 wakeskate. Here are the specs:

  • Shaped by Butch
  • Size: 110 or 114cm
  • EVA/ Griptape Blended Top
  • Wide Profile
  • Deeper Top Concave and Kicktail
  • Blended 3-stage Rocker
  • Dual Tip/Tail Channels
  • Layered Glass
  • Lifetime Warrenty
Check here or the official Hyperlite homepage from time to time for more information.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

International Invitational

The first wakeskate only weekend starts september 14th in Magdeburg/Germany at Cable Island. One highlight of this wakeskate weekend will be the international invitational contest, the CarTrade24 MASTERBATTLE, september 16th.

The winner of this competion gets
1000$ cash prize money!

The competition format of the Masterbattle is a mixture of a best trick contest qualification and a head to head final. During the best trick qualification each rider gets three trys on 6 obstacles (funbox, left kicker, slider, uprail, right kicker, two stage relentless slider) and the flat trick section to score a ticket to ride for the finals. Each obstacle holds only one ticket though. In the flats two people can qualify. Overall 8 riders will compete in the finals, which will be held as an head to head elimination throughout the hole cable park. The judging will follow the - riders judge riders - principle.

The timetable for this awesome competition is:
  • 01:00pm Start of Best Trick Qualification
  • 03:00pm Head to Head Finals
  • 04:00pm Award Ceremony
Send participation requests directly to bachlonso or wakeskatedude on wakeskating.com or write a comment in this blog. For all invited riders, the accomodation on the area of Cable Island is free, they get free food and drinks and no entry fee for the contest itself.
The day before the Masterbattle the german wakeskate nationals will be held (participation will be possible for international riders if there are less than 50 german registrations), as well as a best trick contest by night on the glowing funbox (open for all wakeskaters) and a huge party with live music by Sticky Strings, Cor and Still Screaming.

Feel free to ask for invitation if you think you can manage all obstacles at our cable-park (see Cable Island obstacle park).

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Sattelyte 08 Wakeskate Preview

Here is the first preview of the new 08 Sattelyte Engen. There are 4 more boards in the line for 08 that will be released at Surf Expo.

Check this threat on wakeskating.com for more information (picture is from there).
To follow everything that’s going on around Sattelyte visit the homepage or stop by here from time to time.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Liquid Force 2008 Wakeskate Preview

Here the first pictures from Liquid Force 2008 wakeskate line. The Reed and Hampson skates above replace the Impulse skates in the LF range for 2008. Full heavy concave timber bases with grip tape decks. Each model comes in 2 sizes, should be out mid September. For all bi level wakeskate fans, it's mid of August in few days ...The SST will be available at the best wake shops in mid August...Liquid Force website.

Picture on top from wake.com.au.
Picture below and first moving picture from SST from Alliance Wake Mag.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

RLAND - Wakeskate Movie or Art?

4 years in making, photographer and wakeskater Bryan Soderlind purchased a 16 mm camera that was made in 1951 and began filming his friends wakeskating. Over the course of the next three years, Bryan continued to capture the art of wakeskating and eventually compile and present the footage as a work of art in itself. The final product is a 16 mm wakeskate experiment titled RLAND. Here the list of trailers:

For more information check official homepage www.rlandthefilm.com or this article on wakeskating.com.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Wakestock 10 - Toronto Canada 2007

The Oakley Pool was without a doubt the sickest wake pool ever built! Three pools and multiple rail sets covering over 400 feet of real estate. The new addition of the giant 80 foot funbox between the 2nd and 3rd pools was where the wakeskaters were throwing down huge stunts, with a new generation of skaters leading the charge. In a breakout performance, Stuart Shinn (left picture) claimed the Oakley Pool Jam Best Trick with a massive 360 Shuv over the funbox. Out of the best trick contest: Ryan Doyle kickflipped the gap, Manzari tried to ollie the massive stair gap, Matt Hooker landed a 3 shuv, George Daniels got a 3 shuv over the pyramid during the oakley photo shoot (first try), Kyle Hyams amazing back bigspin.

Shinn also threw down one of the best semi-finals runs in the Billabong Wakeskate Finals, including a flawless Backside 3, Cab 3, and Backside 180 to qualify into the top eight. Joining Shinn were Wakestock rookies Nick Taylor and Ben Horan who will battle established stars Brian Grubb, Aaron Rathy, Drew McGuckin, and Chase Gregory. Taylor took down Wakestock 2005 vice-champion Reed Hansen enroute to the finals. Taylor nailed a Frontside 3, Cab 3, Backside 180 and a kickflip.

At the finals, Grubb was flawless. In fact he didn’t fall all weekend and stuck the first toeside wake to wake frontside bigspin ever stomped in competition. Grubb’s performance easily earned him his fourth Wakestock title and belt.

OAKLEY POOL JAM – Best Wakeskate Trick
Stuart Shinn, USA: Oak Wakeskates

1. Brian Grubb, USA: Malibu, Billabong, Red Bull, Reef
2. Nick Taylor, USA: Integrity, Nike, O’Neill
3. Aaron Rathy, CAN: Oakley, Hyperlite, Excel, Nautique
4. Ben Horan, USA: Oak Wakeskates, Nike

Information and picture from stokecity and Wakeskating.com.

stokecity.ca:wakestock 10 days 1-3 results
wakestock 10 final day results
wakestock 10 photos/videos
wakeskating.com: this threat
somewhere: pics from worldfreak (reef bikini contest yeeeeaaahh)