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Monday, 18 June 2007

Video CWC Open 2007 Wakeskate

Here are the official results (very late) and a new video from the Open CWC Wakeskate event.

Pro Wakeskate:
1. John Ruark USA 70
2. Brett Little USA 48.33
3. Brian Grubb USA 40
4. Brandon Thomas USA 26.67

"U.S. riders dominated the Pro Wakeskate division, taking the top 4 spots. John Ruark of Orlando, FL won the division with highly technical tricks on both the obstacles and on the flats that had even the untrained eyes cheering. Bret Little of San Marcos, TX was right behind him with his aggressive rail riding and spins off the kickers. Huge names in the boating world, Brian Grubb and Brandon Thomas, rounded out 3rd and 4th, respectively, proving they can compete in any format whether it’s boat, pwc, cable, or winch riding."
CableWakeboard.com - CWC Open 2007 Results
Video from CWC Open 2007

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