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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Verge Wakeskate

Here are the specs and design proposals for the new 07 Verge bi-level wakeskates. I like the square design! Looks like Treeknowledge or Kampus skates, but is a bi-level.
  • 14.75" mid width
  • 12" tip widths
  • 40.5" length
  • New ultra tough Dura-surf base for more durabilty on sliders and everday wear and tear.
  • Bottom is totally smooth, no protruding hardware, or even countersunk hardware.
  • Slightly lighter weight than last year at around 12 lbs
  • stainless oversized hardware
  • .85" fins optional for more control on the water
They should be up and ready for sale in about two weeks. Remember, the release date for the Liquid Force SST skate is 06-20-2007. I think with the Dura surf base, this skate is good on cable parks with a lot of obstacles. Give bi-level skates a chance for usage at cable parks! For more information look at the Verge homepage or go to wakeskating.com in this discussion threat. Here's a little video from these skates.

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