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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Trampoline Wakeskating

At first something without a trampoline: Check out the latest shizzle from Reed Hansen at Projects riding a Ronix bi-level wakeskate prototype, a really quick edit from Flow Media so some of it might be a little not so good but whatever look here.

Now to the trampoline stuff, a tramp can easily help you to learn kickflips and shuvits. Spacial awareness and muscle memory that is required to nail big tricks can effectively be trained.

Here two gnarly videos: first from chriscut on a real wakeskate (YouTube),

the second is unbelievable Nick Taylor on a lunch tray :) or something like a Guru Trampboard. Click here to see the video (wakeskating.com).

WE NEED A TRAMPOLINE FOR THE GERMAN WAKESKATE CHAMPIONSHIP, If someone has a trampoline or knows someone who would sponsor one for the championship weekend as a tricktrainer (15.09.2007), he will be very welcome at cable island (a lot of free drinks will wait for you).

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