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Monday, 4 June 2007

Progression - skate bumps

For all cable riders, this video is a must. John Ruark "The Lizard King" has won the Cablestock at Texas Ski Ranch and the CWC open on the Phillipinies in May. This is his new promo video for New Wakeskates. The idea with the skate bumbs though is not so new.

"Kampus have a wide assortment of skate fins in every depth imaginable, with nearly any purpose you could ask for. From their standard fiberglass fins, to their solid skate bumps and skate fins, and then some unnamed manual jobby, their fin line is nothing short of well rounded." Surf Expo 2006 wakeskating.com


Anonymous said...

you cant even find these anywhere, they are out of buisness

Dude said...

the kampus quote is from 2006! if you search skate bumps in small look at new wakeskates they had fins in metal very small like you see in the picture with the new skate but the site is down at the moment, if you search bigger skate bumbs look at oak, devotid, or DIY, all infos can you find here in this blog