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Friday, 29 May 2009

European Wakeskate Championships 2009
July 29th - August 2nd in Ukkohalla, Finland

Here is the official statement for the european wakeskate championships 2009.

Full speed ahead in the country where the sun never sets: European Cable Wakeboard Championships 2009 takes place at the Finnish town of Ukkohalla. Midsummer, sauna … elks??? From 30 July 2009 to 2 August 2009 the European wakeboarding elite will get together in Finland/Ukkohalla. The ideal place to hold a European Championship off the beaten track. In the country of a thousand lakes a breath-taking mountain scenery, never-ending summer days and the world’s most northern Cable Wakeboard Facility are waiting to be discovered. Also part of the game: Wakeskating will be handled as an independent discipline as part of this European Cable Wakeboard Championships 2009.

Check the official Cable wakeboard website for more information. Picture are taken from the Ukkohalla wakepark website. The Wakeskate Bomb crew is waiting for some information about the RMBS Jam 2009 which is planned on the same date.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Pro Wake 2009 Portugal

Pro Wake 2009 will be organized by APWW (Portuguese Wakeboard and Wakeskate Association) and consists of 3 competitions. Pro Wake take place in “Castelo de Bode” a beautiful lake in the center of Portugal.

The PRO WAKE 2009 timeline
June 13-14th – Pro Wake #1
July 04-05th – Pro Wake #2
September 12-13th – Pro Wake #3 & Nationals

All wakeboarders and wakeskaters from Europe can join and there is prize money for the best riders of the ranking of the 3 events.

For more details check the APWW web site: www.apww.pt, e-mail: info@apww.pt, or APWW @ Facebook

All information are taken from the best swiss wakeskate site wakeskating.ch. Check it out.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Results Wake'n'Beach
Barcares, May 8.-10. 2009

Here are the wakeskate results from the 3rd edition of the Wake'n'Beach in Barcares.

1. Adrien Barat
2. Benjamin Baquie
3. S├ębastien Martial
4. Adrien Mader
5. Tmac
6. Alexis Boil

For more information and pics check Boardforce.net or wakeboardmag.net. Photo by Yanis Costa.

Wakeskate and Wakeboard Test Day in Magdeboogie
Cool House Boarding, June 07. 2009

Cool House Boarding from Berlin comes to the Wakeskate Bomb home cable Cable Island on June 07. They will bring Hyperlite and Jobe wakeskate for testing. If you comes to Magdeboogie then check the area behind the bar for the XXL obstacle. Here a short preview form the XXL obstacle. Pictures are taken form the Hyperlite homepage and from the-gap-magazin.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Wake'n'Beach No. 3
May 8.-10. 2009 Parc des Dosses, Port Barcares

Here are the latest news about the Wake'n'Beach contest at Port Barcares. The event take place from May 8. -10. 2009. The registration feed is 40 Euro. For this you get lunch on Saturday, a tee shirt contest, free ride on cable from friday-afternoon training til sunday, saturday is qualification, sunday are the finals, and sunday afternoon is final awards ceremony around 5pm.

For more information about the contest check this site at the Unleashed website.

Unleashed Mag #29 online

Here is the link to the new Unleashed magazine no. 29. These are the topics:

  • News products
  • News events
  • Pool gap Story
  • Rail Master
  • Ridin' Thailand
  • Protest Photoshoot in Antalaya
  • Photo Expo
  • Trick Tip
For more information from france check the Unleashed homepage.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Red Bull - Wake the Line 2009
Results, Video

Here are the wakeskate results from the Red Bull event Wake the Line II 2009. The massive setup was build by UNIT Parktech. The winch was a Sesitec 2.0 System.

1. Jan Kissmann (GER)
2. Leo Labadens (FRA)
3. Andy Kolb (GER)
4. Kevin Calvez (FRA)

Nike 6.0 best trick:

Kevin Calvez (FRA)

All information and pics are taken from the-gap-magazin and wakeforum.de. At least a short video from the French Unleashed magazine - check out the possibilities of the quaterpipe (handplants).
For more pics check the gallery at the-gap-magazin.

New composite wakeskates with wood core
Arson and Integrity

Integrity has enlarged his collection of wakeskates. New in the product line are the Simplex and the Dada. Here a short description for Integrity:

The “Simplex” is a 9 ply birch concave deck with urethane sidewalls, PBT top and bottom sheets, flat base/no channels, sublimated graphics ... Neutral buoyancy and a lower profile rail help the deck sit lower in the water. This deck weighs in at 10.5 lbs. and fits what a wood wake skate purist wants in weight and feel ... The Simplex deck is available in 2 sizes - the 40.23” and 38.65”.

The “Dada” is a 5 ply wood blend flat deck with urethane sidewalls, PBT top and bottom sheets, flat base/no channels, sublimated graphic ... This deck weighs in at 10 lbs. and is aimed at helping new people enter our sport at a low price. One size available – 41 inches.

Integrity has also announced new skate bumps named Lipsticks. Here a prototype picture.

Also the former wakeskate company Omen now Arson has released new products - a Bi level and a concave wakeskate. The new Arson concave wakeskate is a Phoenix tree core composite wakeskate with European nylon top sheet, DuraSurf bottom, and 0,5" DuraSurf sidewalls. The concave wakeskate is available in 40,75". Weight is 9,5 lbs.

For more information about the Arson wakeskates check the Arson homepage. Arson preorder starts today (ready to ship likely in 4 weeks). For more news about the Integrity "Rider Stimulus Plan" check this article at ws.com or go direct to the Integrity online store.