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Friday, 29 May 2009

European Wakeskate Championships 2009
July 29th - August 2nd in Ukkohalla, Finland

Here is the official statement for the european wakeskate championships 2009.

Full speed ahead in the country where the sun never sets: European Cable Wakeboard Championships 2009 takes place at the Finnish town of Ukkohalla. Midsummer, sauna … elks??? From 30 July 2009 to 2 August 2009 the European wakeboarding elite will get together in Finland/Ukkohalla. The ideal place to hold a European Championship off the beaten track. In the country of a thousand lakes a breath-taking mountain scenery, never-ending summer days and the world’s most northern Cable Wakeboard Facility are waiting to be discovered. Also part of the game: Wakeskating will be handled as an independent discipline as part of this European Cable Wakeboard Championships 2009.

Check the official Cable wakeboard website for more information. Picture are taken from the Ukkohalla wakepark website. The Wakeskate Bomb crew is waiting for some information about the RMBS Jam 2009 which is planned on the same date.

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Ist doch wohl klar wo man hingeht ------------