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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Pro Wake 2009 Portugal

Pro Wake 2009 will be organized by APWW (Portuguese Wakeboard and Wakeskate Association) and consists of 3 competitions. Pro Wake take place in “Castelo de Bode” a beautiful lake in the center of Portugal.

The PRO WAKE 2009 timeline
June 13-14th – Pro Wake #1
July 04-05th – Pro Wake #2
September 12-13th – Pro Wake #3 & Nationals

All wakeboarders and wakeskaters from Europe can join and there is prize money for the best riders of the ranking of the 3 events.

For more details check the APWW web site: www.apww.pt, e-mail: info@apww.pt, or APWW @ Facebook

All information are taken from the best swiss wakeskate site wakeskating.ch. Check it out.

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