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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Devotid Movement V2

Here some information about the new Devotid concave called Movement V2. At first the spec:
  • 40.5 "long x 15.25 wide
  • 9.5 lbs,
  • A-sym.
  • fully enclosed Wood/Foam core
  • rock hard re-shapable edges
  • full bilevel depth concave
  • PBT graphic base
  • 2"inches of 3 stage rocker
The preorder price is 239.00 with a free set of skate bumps exclusive $20 for shipping in the US. The preorder is a limited run of about 30 units at first. After release at the surf expo the price for a Movement will be about $280-290. If you would like to purchase one please email kevin@devotid.com. Here some more infos from Kevin:

We went with a 12 ply pressed wood core, 5 lb density molded foam core, rock hard molded transparent re-shapable edge, 30 oz's of fiberglass and PBT graphic base on the bottom. But all-in-all our main concern was true wood feel with super durability.

For more information check Kevin's MySpace blog or this article or this threat on ws.com or go direct to devotid homepage. All information and pictures are from ws.com.

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