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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Byerly Toe Jam Stop 2 - TSR New Braunfels
Rockstar Cable Jam, Boat Comp

Here the latest links to the results and videos of the Byerly Toe Jam in Texas, New Braunfelds. The jam take place at the Texas Ski Ranch. Here a short list of the best tricks at the cable jam:
  • kickflip / sw kickflip / bs 360 off kicker – Nick Taylor
  • bs big flip / 360 flip / Heelflip – Reed Hansen
  • sw bs to bigger spin / Rockstar Box – Brandon Thomas
  • shove to front lip wallride – Bret Little
  • kickflip / big spin transfer / Oakley wallride – Andrew Pastura
  • 360 flip - Stu Shinn
For all european wakeskaters, I hope we can top this at the RMBS Jam 19.07.2008 Duisburg Wedau. Here the list of links:
All information are taken from Alliance wakeskate mag and ws.com. Picture is taken from Alliance wakeskate mag.

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