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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Travel - Australia

I go to Australia for the next weeks and sorry I go for surfing and hang loose, not for wakeskating. So no news from me about wakeskating the next weeks. New posts from Dude, next year!

Levelthirthn Wakeskates 2008 Online

The 08 L13 temporary website is up now, you can see the new graphics and shapes, and watch some videos too. New for 2008 all wakeskates have a 3 stage rocker and some a PBT base. Don't forget to check the L13 podcast. Enjoy
Pictures are from L13 homepage.

Devotid Wakeskates 2008 Preview

Here the first picture from the 2008 bi level Onward made by Devotid. Devotid announces 5 new models for 2008. Here are some information about the Onward 2008 model
  • PBT Base
  • 3 stage rocker
  • fiber reinforced wood construction
The Onward comes in two sizes (38" and 40") and will be manufactured in a pneumatic cold press lamination. The skate is high gloss waterproof sealent and H2O waterproof adhesive. The quality and durability of the Union bi level was really good in 2007. Let's hope that the inserts in 2008 are stainless and the quality and durability is the same like 2007. Good job Kevin!

Devotid also makes OEM products in 2008. Kevin says: We also started a new division last year here that is working on some OEM manufacturing for other labels. We've been building boards for other people that want small runs of about 25 to whatever quantities with there own ideas, shapes and graphics. Low minimums and unlimited shape/ material options. We also offer to new start up companies complete branding (marketing.) clothing, stickers, dealer brochures, banners you name it, all in house in our printing shop. you can design it we make it. The idea was to give some new creative companies out there the chance to turn the ideas into a reality. and all from one place.

For more information check the Devotid Homepage from time to time. Pictures are from the Devotid photobucket account.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wakeskate Podcasts

In iTunes you can find some wakeskate related podcasts. The latest one is from Levelthirtn wakeskates. Here a list of available podcast:

Stomped Wakekast: Stomped Wakekast is a show about everything wake. Each week we dive into current content about whats happening in wakeboarding and wakeskating. From profiles, contests, film shoots, trick tips, roadtrips, spot chekcs, and much more we've got you covered.

Levelthirtn: Levelthirtn Wakeskates presents a collection of videos for your enjoyment. The Videos portray riders, riding, and everything in between.

Hyperlite: Check out Scott Byerly and the Byerly team rip up on the latest Byerly wakeskates and wakeboards.

Liquid Force Films:
Welcome to the Liquid Force Films Podcast, where you can see bits and pieces of everything related to the latest film projects by Justin Stephens ... Thanks a ton for interest and support.

Picture on top is from Christoph Leib, check his Blog. Look for Podcasts in the iTunes Music Store or check the websites.

Oak Wakeskates on YouTube

Oak wakeskates has announced an account on YouTube. At the moment you can find videos from following riders there:
  • Ben Horan (wakeskate and skateboard)
  • Jesse Landry
  • Kirby
  • Ryan Farrell
Check this YouTube account for more information.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Liquid Force 2008 complete line

The season 2008 has started in Australia. There you can buy the complete Liquid Force wakeskate line at your favorite dealer. Click on the picture to see all details. For more information browse through the Full Tilt online retailer or check the Liquid Force homepage in near future.

Wakeskater have fun in Australia!

You need ideas for a winch? iWinch!

You need ideas for the frame of a winch or you are not sure about the color or something other? Check iWinchGlobal! There you can see a large list with pictures and information of winches from all over the world. Picture is from iWinchGlobal. Last but not least check the video section.

Friday, 12 October 2007

O'Neill wakeskate vests 2008

Next summer, O'Neill will come up to the market with two new wakeskate vests. The most popular and reworked Gooru and the Checkmate with it´s waferlike design and side zipper with neopren cover. Here's a picture from Nick Taylor wearing the Checkmate vest from ws.com. The other picture is from http://www.oneill-w.ru/.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Integrity board tech info

Now that the new CNC has arrived at integrity’s new production facility the door to a bright variety of new projects is pushed open. Via wakeskating.com Erich has given a brief outlook on what’s to come and what’s to expect.
First of all they are working on the improvement of the 41 model or rather a new 41 version. It’ll gain a little more weight “Integrity's 08 line up will be a pound to 1.5lbs. or so heavier... Some where around 9-10 lbs.” get some steeper concave and some higher kicktails. Furthermore the center/weight combination was improved to make the new integrity boards even more subtle wapons for excessive spin- and flip-tricks.
The 39,5 will be replaced by a board, sized to fit the needs of integ team riders Nick Taylor and Ryan Lemons. It’s scheduled for march release.
Other projects are the “GREEN” deck with 100% recyclable materials (“(hemp) fibers substituting the fiberglass”) and boards with Bamboo/composite cores. The bamboo one will be heavier than the other boards and is thus suited for the guys that like a denser feel in their skates.
Besides new shapes and materials, Erich is also working on different production processes and techniques to improve the response and snap of the board.
For further info about what’s to come go ahead and check this thread on wakeskating.com.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

NeverRide Winch

The first picture of the new small NeverRide winch has been released on wakeskating.ch. Patrick from ws.ch wrote the following about NeverRide and their new winches:
This year did not take place any in Europe without NeverRide. The Company from Switzerland, which builds Towing Devices as precisely and reliably as Swiss clocks, are always locally. After the ISPO in Munich, where in co-operation with Reef and New Schnitzel took place a exibition, during Interboot in Friedsrichshafen was NeverRide again on place, and shows in co-operation with the water cable park Pfullendorf, what is the future of winching. Wakeskating and Wakeboarding on the highest level, and the new “small” NeverRide Winch “Winchmaster DeLuxe” live in action ...

To see pictures click here or go directly to the neverride homepage or wakeskating.ch.

Monday, 8 October 2007

German Wakeskate Videos

First (above) is from Andy Kolb (Kolbinator) at Texas Ski Ranch - sick footage with gazelle, 540shuv with backside bodyvarial (backside biggerspin), varialflip, ...

The second one is a first short trailer about the Ripzone german wakeskate nationals from the Wakekillaz Crew out of Magdeboogie. Special thanks go to Andre Solle for shooting and video editing. Check this link for the video (attention video size is approx. 23MByte, but good quality).

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Byerly Toe Jam finals footy

After waiting for quite a while someone finally put up the videos of the 4th and last byerly toe jam this year. All videos (cable, winch, rails, boat) have really nice editing and good quality.So turn on, sit back and enjoy!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

New WakeSkates 08 released

New WakeSkates released pictures and informations on their 2008 skates on www.newwakeskates.com
The collection of all wooden skates are to be on sale, with quite inexpensive prices! All models are under 200 bucks.

New has a great reputation of making good crafted deks with a solid quality. The 08 decks are supposed to even top that:
"the prices are just a wake up call to the industry. the boards are even better than before! we will be comming out with more graphics soon. and pics. wakeskating isn't a cheap sport so we are trying to help you get on the water. im also stoked to say that andrew did his own graphics. " Mike Barret on wakeskating.com

New still has its custom boards with all kinds of styles and combinations possible. Check it out!

see you at the lake!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Gatorboards Wakeskates 2008 Preview

Here the first pics of the new wakeskate line from Gatorboards. On top you can see the channels of the Doylce skate. They do look kind of deep. The Doylce will also be a foam topped jobby, and it will not have attachable fins. It's just a molded fin on each end and then the channels. The Doyle's concave is very deep like the Byerly Legacy, but the transition through the kicktails is smoother. Here the picture from the button

Last but not least a picture from the new Deuce Pop with Matt Manzari. All pictures are from wakeskating.com. For more information check this threat.