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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We Know Ledge and Ben Kaiser

The lake in Magdeboogie is still ice covered. A good moment to see some new video footage. Here are some videos and some links with videos for the days til summer. On top (link) you can see a nice weekend meeting from the Treeknowledge young guns Mumpitz, Franzl, and Tarik. The winch spot at the end is a real urban spot (hit and run) in the middle of Berlin, Germany (check Google maps: Metro Station Rathaus Schöneberg).
The second one shows Ben Kaiser. He destroys OWC (fs 360 big spin over the kicker, shuv on the box to 360 big off, ...).

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Treeknowlegde Core Design
Pro Engineer digital mock up in Rhino

Here are the latest screenshots from the CAM building process of the Treeknowledge wakeskate core. The screenshots are out of the 3d model building process and not complete finished. You can see a little bit the variable edge design and the unique bottom design of a Treeknowledge. The core will be manufactured with a 5 axis CNC milling maschine. Don't forget that this is only the core. The core will be pressed with wooden top and bottom belt in a second run. The Treeknowledge product line for 2009 includes:
  • Flat edition (like last year model, slightly concave)
  • Team edition (concave)
  • Artist edition (concave, limited)
All information gotten from Treeknowledge.

Unleashed Magazine #28 Online

Unleashed released the no. 28 of the Unleashed Magazine named One More. The mag includes some really good black&white wakeskate pics. The pic above is taken out of the Unleashed magazine. The topics are:

  • News
  • Should I
  • Wake the Line - 2008
  • Photo Expo
  • Tom Fooshee - Men of the Year
  • Ferry Assault
  • New Schnitzel Never Die
  • Unleashed Trip to Phillipine
  • Trick Tip
All information from Unleashed. Click here for the pdf online version of Unleashed.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Wakeskate Indoor Event
Winch Indoor Event, Berlin, Europasportpark (SSE)

CANCELED! Here is the first event 2009 in Germany! At the 22 of March take place a indoor winch battle in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg - Europasportpark (SSE). The Europasportpark is one of the biggest and state of the art indoor swimming pools in Berlin with a tribune with 2000 seats. There will be a wakeboard and a wakeskate division. Start is at 7pm.For more information contact the team behind waketown.de. All information are taken from the Stadtkind magazine. Wakeskate picture is from Magix Winch Battle in Postdam, 2007 (Treeknowledge gallery).

Reef European Website launched

Right at the beginning of the new year Reef has launched there new European website. Check out the latest news about the Byerly III wakeskate shoe and some facts about the european wakeskate team with Enric Dosta Vidal, Pierre Atruz and Ludovico Vanoli. If you want read some stuff then check the Reef classic mag (less wakeskating more surfing) and for sure check the Reef girls (video and pics).

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Treeknowlegde goes with HighTech

Here are a lot of great news from the Treeknowlegde crew. At first Treeknowledge goes HighTech next year. As to see on the picture above the 2009 skates will have more concave, a variable edge, and some additional secrets. The skates are shaped with a 3D CNC milling maschine and will be pressed with top and bottom belt in a second run. Every used tree trunk is handpicked and cut in layers regarding to the special Treeknowledge requirements. The result is an indestructible wooden wakeskate which easily resists a whole season. The graphics for the team edition are designed by a famous international artist. And as every year there will be a special limited edition for collectors. The word is that the first skates will be finished in March.
If you want more news check the Treeknowlegde homepage or the Wakeskate Bomb in the next days.