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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Treeknowlegde Core Design
Pro Engineer digital mock up in Rhino

Here are the latest screenshots from the CAM building process of the Treeknowledge wakeskate core. The screenshots are out of the 3d model building process and not complete finished. You can see a little bit the variable edge design and the unique bottom design of a Treeknowledge. The core will be manufactured with a 5 axis CNC milling maschine. Don't forget that this is only the core. The core will be pressed with wooden top and bottom belt in a second run. The Treeknowledge product line for 2009 includes:
  • Flat edition (like last year model, slightly concave)
  • Team edition (concave)
  • Artist edition (concave, limited)
All information gotten from Treeknowledge.

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