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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Treeknowlegde goes with HighTech

Here are a lot of great news from the Treeknowlegde crew. At first Treeknowledge goes HighTech next year. As to see on the picture above the 2009 skates will have more concave, a variable edge, and some additional secrets. The skates are shaped with a 3D CNC milling maschine and will be pressed with top and bottom belt in a second run. Every used tree trunk is handpicked and cut in layers regarding to the special Treeknowledge requirements. The result is an indestructible wooden wakeskate which easily resists a whole season. The graphics for the team edition are designed by a famous international artist. And as every year there will be a special limited edition for collectors. The word is that the first skates will be finished in March.
If you want more news check the Treeknowlegde homepage or the Wakeskate Bomb in the next days.

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