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Friday, 4 September 2009

Pics and Results - German Nationals Heede 2009

The level is rising in German wakeskate scene. Flip tricks are now normal and Franz Lacherbauer steps up to switch flips (pic on top) as a standard flip at competitions. Franz won the title with a sw flip in his run. The juniors are only short behind the mens, Mumpitz got the title also with a flip in his runs. 3 time in a row Drew took the master title home to Magdeboogie. Nico made the double: title in wakeskating and -boarding. Great respect for the Treeknowledge Crew and Treeknowledge buddies: 3 titles, one 2. place in 5 categories.
Check the gallery for pics.
Jan Grapski was the winner of the evening kicker session with a on point sw fs bigspin with late shuv.
Boys - Men
1. Nico Kasper 80.00
2. Marcel Tilwitz 69.33
3. Lucas Rösen 58.33

Junior Men
1. Moritz Thiele 68.33
2. Frederik Kuepper 63.33
3. Tim Schwiertz 50.00
Junior Ladies
1. Helena Thiemeier 53.50
2. Michelle Bausch 50.00
3. Johanna Süß 30.00

Open Men
1. Franz Lacherbauer 90.00
2. Jan Grabski 87.33
3. Jan Kissmann 85.33

Masters Men
1. André Solle 60.00
2. Karsten Hecht 43.33
3. Jochen Thiele 38.33

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