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Monday, 28 September 2009

Foster's Cup 2009

Here are the results and pics from the foster's cup in Magdeboogie. The weather was good and bad together. During the qualification on Saturday was rain, wind, and no sun, but exact with the end of the qualification the sun comes back. This was the moment of Bret Little he stomped a switch fs heelflip direct in front of start dock. Mumpitz was also on fire and stomped some massive one footer, check the pic below.
At the evening was party time, for sure it was good and wet.

The finals was with sun and no wind, perfect conditions. Best tricks, fs flip, bs flip, sw flip, kflip, bs big, 3er kicker, sw bs 180 kicker and many more. Here are the results:

1. Bertrand Oustrieres FRANCE
2. Andy Kolb GER
3. Moritz Thiele GER
4. Kevin Calvez FRANCE
5. Franz Lacherbauer GER
6. Kevin Cobb AUT

For more pics check the gallery on the right side. See you next year at Magdeboogie.

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