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Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Bomb, New Team Member
16hp winch with TAV Series 40

Here are some pics of our new team member, nickname "Bomb". The Bomb has already been tested for 4 months and boy does it haul ass! Here are the facts:

name: Bomb
location: Magdeboogie/Germany
engine: 16 hp (Honda replica)
frame: 2" square steel
tranny: Comet Torque Converter Model 40 Series
gear ratio: 17/65
spool: adjustable 6-8", 8 internal barrels, laser cut aluminum discs
rope: Dyneema, Liros D-PRO, 12-plaited, 3 mm ø, 1000 ft.
throttle: original
weight: 150 lbs (wheels in oktober '08)
worker: bachlonso, betty, maze, säbel, dude

Great thanks to all people who help us out building the winch especially Säbel from the Sackfabrik for his awesome welding and supplying the place for building the winch.

Red Bull, Wake the Line
13. September 2008, Cologne, Stationbad

Here the latest news about a Red Bull wakeskate event in Cologne. Here is a quote with more information from the event page:

For the first time ever, a mobile wakeboard line system will be installed at a public outdoor pool, enabling boarders to ride the stadium pool in two directions. The resulting competition course will total 320 meters in length. Additionally, four adjacent pools will be connected by mobile ramps and rail obstacles. The international wakeboarding and wakeskating scene has set its sights on the event – after all, this is the first contest to be held in a public swimming pool instead of a natural body of water. Invitations to enter have been extended to eight wakeskaters. Riders include some Young Guns from the Nike6.0 Team.

Here is the wakeskate rider list:
All information and picture are from Red Bull Wake the Line homepage. Thanks to Chris Wilkens from New Schnitzel for the correct starter list.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Wakeskate Junior Contest
2008 August 31st in Bergkirchen

Next weekend on Sunday (2008-31-08) a wakeskate and wakeboard contest for groms will take place in Bergkirchen (10 minutes from Munich at the Autobahn). Here is the time schedule:
  • Training 11:00 am
  • Competition 2:00 pm
Open to all kids up to 18 years. The contest is supported by Oakley. The best thing for the groms: No entry fee. For more information contact evawake on wakeforum.de. Picture is taken from the Oakley homepage.

Rock'n'Roll Groms!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Wake N’Roll #5
5.-7. September 2008, Téléski Nautique Le Barcares

Like every year the famous Wake N Roll takes place during the first weekend of September.

Wake N Roll Volume 5 is one of the biggest wakeskate and wakeboard weekends in France and also hosts the French cable championships. Ride galore, winching all day, jamboree, BBQ, a surprise on Saturday evening and much more .... !
More info and registration bulletin can be found on barcateam.com or wakeboardmag.net. If you have more questions and no time to write an email then call +33 (0)6 16 03 78 71 (Kum).
All information is taken from wakeboardmag.net.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Obrien Wakeskate Preview 2009

Here are the first shots of the new Obrien wakeskate for 2009. It is a composite wakeskate, like the Byerly Legacy or the Gator Boards Doyle. Pictures are taken from ws.com.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

X Hive pulls Wakeskate event during Freakwave 2008
27. - 31. August 2008 at Lochau

Like in the last 3 years, the Freakwave takes place at the Bodensee in Bregenz/A. There will be a boat competition for wakeboarders as well as a wakeskate winch-jam pulled by the new X-Hive by Neverride.
Besides the Competitions there will be lots of concerts and exhibitions that will definitely make it worth going there.

German Wakeskate Nationals 2008
Xanten 2008-09-06

Here the official flyer for the german wakeskate nationals. The german wakeskate nationals will take place at the 6th of September 2008 at leisure center Xanten. There will also be a night jump contest which offers an amazing amount of 1000 Euro cash for the winner. The After-Contest party starts at 11 pm at Wienemann (free shuttle service). Live on stage are the Torpedo Monkeys, Skapanska, and Go For Zero.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Doomsday 2008 - RMBS Crew
wakekillaz video by Andre Solle

Here is the Wakekillaz video footage from the Doomsdays 2008 in Duisburg Wedau. Video is made by Andre Solle from the famous Wakekillaz crew out of Magdeboogie.

Friday, 8 August 2008

CWB Onset
Stuard Shinn Pro Model 09

Here the first pic from the new CWB bi level wakeskate and a comment at alliance wakeboard online mag.
The onset is a very different design. It is different than any other board out there. Instead of the traditional bi-level this board has foam in between the two decks. This helps in a lot of ways. First it gives you more snap off the water when ollieing. Secondly the foam helps support the top deck so it won’t snap. It also really helps with landings by giving more cushion so that it absorbs the impact a lot more. The bottom deck is pretty much the traditional 3-stage rocker while the top deck is different. The concave is short and steep so there is a big flat spot your foot can fit in very comfortably. The concave is nice cause for flip tricks it flips super easy; your foot catches the side concave and the board just flips right over.

Stuard Shinn say: I ride the shit out of this board all day, every day! For more 09 news check this article at Alliance Wakeboard mag.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Wakestock 2008 Video
Vince Whiteman, Toronto Canada

Here the complete video footage from the wakestock 2008, Toronto Canada. This footage includes the boat runs and the pool action. Reed Hanson wins the Billabong boat competition with this technical tricks: w2w Heelside Shuv-it to Mute, a w2w Heelside Late Shuv and w2w Frontside 360 and a w2w Backside Bigspin. Here the result from the Oakley Pool event from sbcwakeboard.com.

Reed Hansen stomped a Backside Lipslide to win best trick on the challenging Down-Flat Rail. Chase Gregory landed a Backside Boardside to Switch Frontside Boardslide to 90 out win best trick on the Step-Down Ledge. Ben Horan styled out a locked-in Backside Noseslide to win best trick on the Down Rail. Matt Manzari stomped a Varial Flip down the 10-set staircase to win the best trick down the Stair Gap.

Video is linked to AllianceWakeskate online magazine. For more information check sbcwakeboard.com.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sneak Peek Levelthirtn Wakeskates 2009

Here is the first look at the new Levelthirtn wakeskates series for 2009. All information and pic are taken from the Levelthirtn website.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Standerd Online

Standerd Quarterly presents a new feature - Online Standerd Books. All issues are online avaible. Many thanks!
For more information about this step by Standerd Quarterly look at this article at ws.com.