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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Portable Cable System
build your own cable park in the backyard

Sesitec has published first pictures from a portable cable system. You can build up this cable in 4h on every place you like, the only thing you need is electricity. The price is around 26.000 Euro. The size of the lake or whatever have to be greater than 100 x 300 feet. For more information ask the guys behind Sesitec. All information and picture are from the Liquid Force blog Germany and Wakeforum.de. Check the LF blog for more pictures.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tarik Ghoniem at Nokia Fise 08

As posted earlier, the wakeskate comp at Nokia Fise this year was canceled. There was only a hand full of wakeskaters that was going for the intimidating rail setup. One of them was Treeknowledge young gun Tarik Ghoniem. Big props to him for sticking that beasty setup as the first wakeskater!
Check out the sequence (click for original size)!

Keep ripping hard!!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wakeskate Results Les Barcares - France
Wake'N' Beach 3 Pool Gap Event 2008

Here the results from the 3rd Wake'n' Beach pool gap event in Les Barcares in France.

1. Enrique Dosta (1080)
2. Kevin Sudrat (Sooruz)
3. Adrien Barat (Annecy)
4. Leo Labadens (Trou de Bite)
5. Chase Gregory (Orlando)
6. Tunisi Martinez le rageux (1080)

All information from WakeBoardMag.net. Picture is from wakers2wakers.net.

Wakeskate Results Toulouse
WWA Wake Park Tour Series – 1st stop
Orangina Wake Jam

Here the wakeskate results from the WWA Wake Park Tour Series – 1st stop in Toulouse:

1. Leo Labadens – FRA – 73.33
2. Enrik Dosta – ES – 51.67
3. Chase Gregory – USA – 28.33
4. Luis Montana – FRA – 28.33

The day after the main competition, the Orangina Jam session with the winch was held for the wakeboarders and wakeskaters. Again, with a nice prize money for the top riders. Here the wakeskate results:

1. Chase Gregory – USA
2. Tunisi Sanchez – ES
3. Luis Montana – ES

All information are taken from Boardforce.com. Pictures are from Unleashed.fr and Boardforce.com.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Volume Wakeskate Video Issue 7 Trailer

Volume Wakeskate Videos Issue 7 trailor is out now. This issue includes:

  • Danny Hampson Pro Spotlight,
  • Day in the life of Ben Horan,
  • Trip to the Bahamas,
  • Trick Tips and more.
For more informations check volumewakeskatevideos. Video and picture are from AllianceWakeskate.

NeverRide - The X Hive
hydrostatic drive

NeverRide presents a further milestone in winch-building. NeverRide presents its new fully hydraulic towing device: The X-Hive. No chain, no belt - hydrostatic drive only.

The X-Hive is completely built new from scratch. Together with the engineers NeverRide can guarantee the highest standards in winch building. Every part is there where is should be, to reach the standard which NeverRide expect from her products - High Class Quality Made in Switzerland.

The X-Hive is made with passion like a swiss clock and they do work like swiss clock. All towing devices are handmade in special workshops. Don't waste time and take your preorder now till end of June! The first series of the new X-Hive will be delivered from August, and it's limited to 20 devices! First come, first served.

For more information check the NeverRide homepage or ask Patrik Vorlicek from time to time. Picture is from NeverRide homepage.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Romboso Jam 2008
Juli 19. 2008 - Duisburg Wedau

Here the latest news from the famous wakeskate crew ROMBOSO. The best wakeskate event in germany goes in the 3rd round at the 19. of July 2008 in Duisburg - Wedau. It is not a competition in the ordinary sense where the skater with best trixs wins. Freak out and have fun is the slogan every year. Wakeskater judges wakeskater.
Don't miss it! For more information check the Romboso Homepage (MySpace) or here from time to time. Video is from the 2nd edition of the Romboso jam.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Standerd Quarterly

Do you know the Surfers Journal? If not look here. The Standerd Quarterly has the same ideas like the Surfers Journal, less ads and really good pictures and articles around the sport. The most of the costs is paid by subscribers.

The Standerd is a new quarterly publication founded by acclaimed wake photographers Joey Meddock and Josh Letchworth. It features only the best in photography, design and writing.
Its purpose is to chronicle wakeboarding and wakeskating from a photo-journal perspective, providing a unique, high-quality canvas for the lifestyle, people and events in wake.
There are far fewer ads in
The Standerd, because the books are mostly supported by subscribers, rather than advertisers.

For more information check their website. Picture is also from there.

No Wakeskate Competition at Nokia Fise 2008

The wakeskate competition was canceled at the Nokia Fise 2008 in Montepellier. There was only a short demo from some wakeskaters from France,Spain, USA and Germany. Next try next year!

All information are taken from BoardForce. Picture is from French Unleashed magazine.