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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Wakeskate Results Toulouse
WWA Wake Park Tour Series – 1st stop
Orangina Wake Jam

Here the wakeskate results from the WWA Wake Park Tour Series – 1st stop in Toulouse:

1. Leo Labadens – FRA – 73.33
2. Enrik Dosta – ES – 51.67
3. Chase Gregory – USA – 28.33
4. Luis Montana – FRA – 28.33

The day after the main competition, the Orangina Jam session with the winch was held for the wakeboarders and wakeskaters. Again, with a nice prize money for the top riders. Here the wakeskate results:

1. Chase Gregory – USA
2. Tunisi Sanchez – ES
3. Luis Montana – ES

All information are taken from Boardforce.com. Pictures are from Unleashed.fr and Boardforce.com.

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