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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tarik Ghoniem at Nokia Fise 08

As posted earlier, the wakeskate comp at Nokia Fise this year was canceled. There was only a hand full of wakeskaters that was going for the intimidating rail setup. One of them was Treeknowledge young gun Tarik Ghoniem. Big props to him for sticking that beasty setup as the first wakeskater!
Check out the sequence (click for original size)!

Keep ripping hard!!!


bachlonso said...

sorry tarik for messing up the info in the first version! the updated one should do you well!!!
bip up and see you at romboso!

Nelly said...

Hi! I need a your help. A friend of me would try to compete on some wakeskete comps, and I would need calendar from European competitions for this year. Do you have it and can you please mail me on boardforce (at) boardforce.net? Thank you! Nelly

Nelly said...

I found, thanks... :)