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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Skate Bumps 101

Even though there's already a ton of companies out there that are offering bolt on skateboard steez I'm gonna show you today, how to fix yourself some nice skate bumps. Depending on your hand crafting skills it should take
around one to two hours. Click pictures for actual size.
Objects needed: 2 golf balls, 4 screw-in threads, 4 bolts, 1 nut (same thread size as bolts), some tools

  1. Cut the golf balls in half (I found it very usefull to clamp them inbetween two pieces of wood. In case you don't have a band saw, a regular wood saw will do the job) and grind off the sharp edges

  2. Determine the core diameter of the screw-in threads. Mark the middle of the balls and drill a hole in each with the size of the core diameter (holes can be a little bit bigger than core diameter). Depth of holes should be around 15 - 17mm (I used a small drill - 4mm - to create a guidance for the bigger - 7,5mm - drill. Tape can be usefull to mark the depth on the drill)

  3. Screw in the threads (I used the nut and one of the bolts to drive in the threads - it gives you more control and precision) untill they are sitting 2mm beneath the surface. (Screwing in the threads might create a little bump. Sand it down untill the surface is plane again)

  4. Figure out how you want to place them on your board (I chose a symetrical layout. Distance from the center of the board towards nose/tail is 250mm. Distance from the axis running the length of the board is 100mm), drill the holes in the size of the diameter of the bolts.
  5. Stick the bolts through the holes and tighten down your new skate bumps.
  6. Now go the hell out and shred!!!