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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Limited Integrity Wakeskate Pre Order 2008

Erich Schmaltz (owner of Integrity wakeskates) has published the preorder date (2/20/08 - 6pm Pacific time) for his limited composite wakeskate with Centra-Fuse core. On the picture on top you can see that they have normal concaves and small kicktails. The secound picture show the channels on bottom. (21.02.2008 correction, fin mounts are avaiable). The Centra Fuse core is a further development from his own center weight stringer system (look here old core, and here new core). The wakeskates are build in a vacuum press process like kiteboards. The production is limited on 25 wakeskates. Here are the general stats:
  • waist: 16"
  • length: 41"
  • weight: 9.5 lbs. aprox
  • Rocker (3 stage panel blend): 2.25"
  • Price: $289.00
  • sidewall color options: green (see picture), orange (see picture), or red
He says the production has started at Monday, the Feb 18, 2008. Here his quote about the delivery date: ...less then 2 weeks maybe 3 to be very safe... First come first serve... first orders will get theirs quick since we are already done with a few so far... typical Mr. Schmaltz

For more information check this threat Integ (preorders Wed 2/20/08) on ws.com. Picture is also from there.

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