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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wake The Pool Event
February 19.-20. 2010, Leipzig, Exhibitio Centre Messehalle 5

Here is the announcement for the first German wakeskate event in 2010 - WAKE THE POOL. The name sounds like the Red Bull event - WAKE THE LINE also the pulling device is a 2 masts cable system, but the cable is a RIXEN system called: Bro In The Box.

Pool is 55,86m length, 10,o2m width and 1,35m deep. The obstacle description is available in the Bulletin 2 in the next days.

In order to enter the competition you need to be registered on cablewakeboard.net. Entry fee is 50 Euro. The entry fee must paid cash latest when you register at the competition venue. Registration deadline is Friday 5th of February 20:00 (CET) but with 20 Euro you can get a possibility for late registration.

for more information check the Wake The Pool website.

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