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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Neverride Accessories - Foamdecks and "Shrimms"

The Foam

There are very many different opinions about riding with griptape or foamdeck. One thing which most people will agree, buying griptape is a rather simple task, since there are skate-shops all over the place. Buying a single foam-sheet seems to be imposslible... until now.

The guys from switzerland have advanced their product range with some small but very nice things. They offer single foamsheets in black or white.

The foam material is equiped with strong M3- industrial glue.
The size of the sheets is 41,4 x 16 inch. They sell at 40 EUR per sheet.

The Shrimms

The other new item are the "shrimms" (shredding finns).
These skate-bump fins are made out of plastic material, similar to skate wheels.
Some tec-specs:
30 mm wide, 55mm long, 30mm high / weigth 44 gramms per pice / with metric screws.

see you at the lake

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