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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wake'n'Beach 2
16.-18. May 2008 in Le Barcares

The Wake'n'Beach competition take place from 16.-18.May in Le Barcares in front of the Casino The Lydia. The contest is a pool gap contest with three pools each 20m long, two winches ( Barcateam), and six obstacles (wall, a-frame, gap, kicker, rails). The price money for this weekend is 10.000 Euro. Here the price list for the wakeskate competition:
  • 1st wakeskate € 2000 (this are 3000 US$)
  • 2nd wakeskate € 1500
  • 3rd wakeskate € 1000
  • Best Trick Contest Sooruz € 500
The entry fee for wakeskater is 40 €. At this weekend are also some concerts, a cable demo open to all riders registered for the competition, a boat demo for limited riders, a ride in the night happening, and all days barbecue and fiesta!! The famous wakebox will be also there. For more information check this article at WakeboardMag.net, visit the Barca team homepage or write an email to Barca team.Pictures and information are taken from Wakeboardmag.net.

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